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Children's Books Focused on LGBT Issues

Updated: May 27, 2016

Ewert, Marcus.
Call Number: xz
Also available for download as an e-book.
Bailey dreams each night of beautiful dresses. She shares her dreams with her family who ridicule her and tell her she's a boy, even if she doesn't feel like one, and boys don't wear dresses. Fortunately, Bailey finds a wonderful friend, Laurel, who makes Bailey's dreams come true and teaches her you can find family anywhere.

Gonzalez, Rigoberto.
Call Number: S xz
When some of his classmates tease him about his mother's partner Leslie, Antonio feels sad and doesn't know what to do. In this bilingual story, Antonio appreciates how important Leslie is to his family.

Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker.
Call Number: xz
After seeing a ballet on a class field trip, Nate realizes he wants to take ballet class more than anything in the world. But is ballet just for girls, like his big brother Ben points out? With help from supportive parents, and a chance meeting with a professional dancer, Nate learns it's okay for boys to be dancers too!

Walliams, David, 1971-
Call Number: x


Whimsical tale of 12 year old Dennis, a soccer player who discovers his love of girl's clothes after bonding over Vogue magazine with the most stylish girl in school. When she convinces him to come to school in disguise as her French pen pal, consequences have no choice but ensuing.

Newman, Leslea.
Call Number: xz
Donovan wakes up and remembers that today he has a big job to do. He must wash up and feed the dog and eat breakfast (with help from Grandma and Grandpa) all in preparation for the wedding of his two moms.

Kuklin, Susan.
Call Number: x 392 K96
This non-fiction book follows all types of families: mixed face families, adoption families, single parents, and same sex parents. Told from the children's perspective, it is a wonderful look at all the different ways you can make a family.

Parr, Todd.
Call Number: xz
Some families have two mommies or two daddies. Some only have one parent. Some families are the same color and some families are different colors. In this lovely book by Todd Parr, children learn there are many different ways to be a family but your family is special no matter what.

Pohlen, Jerome,
Call Number: x 323 P748

In-depth, thorough yet accessible narrative history of the fight for LGBT rights with fascinating visual documentation and many activities for kids.

Gino, Alex,
Call Number: x

Also available as an e-book and e-audiobook.

Fourth grader George knows she is a girl. When she wants to try out for the role of Charlotte in the school's production of Charlotte's Web, her teacher won't allow it because she sees George as a boy. It's only with the help of George’s best friend, Kelly, that she's able to pull it off and, in the process, communicate to the important people in her life who she really is. Grades 4 & up.


Herthel, Jessica
Call Number: x 92 J543He
An autobiographical picture book by Jazz Jennings, a transgender child who, with the help of her doctor, explaines to her parents that she has a girl’s brain inside of a boy’s body.

Hoffman, Sarah,
Call Number: xz
Jacob loves dresses and playing dress up with his friend Emily. But his classmate Christopher says boys don't wear dresses. With some help from his mom, dad and teacher, and most importantly, from himself, Jacob learns to love himself and his dress.

Haan, Linda de, 1965-
Call Number: xz
“It is time for the prince to choose a princess and get married!” decides the Queen. But what if the prince isn't interested in princesses? The prince meets Prince Lee and they live happily ever after.

Haan, Linda de, 1965-
Call Number: xz
King Bertie and King Lee head out to the jungle on their honeymoon. They observe many different animals with their babies and wish for one of their own. When they return home to their kingdom, they find a surprise stowaway who makes their dreams come true!

Burch, Christian.
Call Number: x

Check out the sequel: Hit the Road, Manny

For 8 year old Keats Dalinger it's hard coping with being the shortest boy in class and being constantly taunted by his classmate Craig - until the manny (ie male nanny) joins his family. The manny is fun and outrageous, encouraging Keats in many ways to "be interesting" and less afraid. In the sequel the Dalinger family embarks on a riotous, adventure-filled road trip with the manny and Keats's Uncle Max. The trip includes a visit to the manny's parents, who he hopes will be accepting of his relationship.

Selznick, Brian
Call Number: x

Grades 3 & up

Two seemingly disparate stories must be pieced together. The first told in pictures belongs to the infamous Marvel family of British actors that began when stowaway Billy Marvel’s boat shipwrecked, and he arrived in London penniless, finding a job at the Royal Theater. The second story told in words belongs to Joseph, who runs away from his boarding school to London, with the vague idea he's going to find the mysterious uncle he's never met.

Garden, Nancy.
Call Number: xz
Molly is so excited for open school night and draws a picture of her family to decorate her classroom. But Molly's classmate sees and it and says you can't have two mommies. Molly is sad and confused. No one else has two mommies; what should she do? In this heartwarming story, a supportive teacher and two wonderful mommies teach Molly all about different types of families.

Baldacchino, Christine, 1977-
Call Number: xz
Morris is a little boy who loves using his imagination. But most of all, Morris loves wearing the tangerine dress in his classroom’s dress-up center. The children in Morris’s class don’t understand and taunt him that dresses are for girls. Morris bravely teaches the children that being yourself is the best adventure of all.

Kilodavis, Cheryl.
Call Number: xz
A beautiful story of acceptance written by the mother of a "princess boy:" A boy who loves to dance, wear dresses, loves the color pink and to wear sparkly things. The end challenges the reader to love everyone for who they are.

Yolen, Jane.
Call Number: xz
Princesses can fix things with power tools, play sports, dig in the dirt, and get muddy in the rain in this non-gender conforming book.

Gruska, Denise Eliana.
Call Number: xz
Tucker Dohr cannot stop dancing ballet! He practices his spins and jetes and can't wait until ballet class in the afternoon. He hates being teased by some boys playing football but he just can't seem to stop dancing. And the other boys may learn a thing or two by the time Tucker is through!

Howe, James, 1946-
Call Number: xz IR Ed.a
When Pinky is called a "sissy" and a "girl" for liking all things pink, he sadly decides to give up all his pink possessions. With help from a friend and his elderly neighbor, Pinky learns to stand up for himself against the local bully.

Funke, Cornelia Caroline.
Call Number: xz
Princess Violetta, raised by her father after her mother passes away, is raised just like her brothers: to ride a horse, wear armor, and yield a sword. But when time comes for her marriage, Violetta has her own plans in this delightful story with a twist.

Silverberg, Cory,
Call Number: x 612.4 S587

Stunning and fun illustrations use diverse young characters to explore sexuality in terms of respect, trust, joy and justice and refer to all kids, both binary and non-binary, using inclusive language, positing sexual education in positive emotional terms as well as physical terms.

Fierstein, Harvey, 1954-
Call Number: xz
Elmer is not like the other boy ducklings. He would rather bake a cake than throw a ball. He gets teased by his classmates and his father doesn't understand him either. But when his father is in danger, the other ducklings learn just how special Elmer is and Elmer embraces his "sissy" nature!

Oelschlager, Vanita.
Call Number: xz

Oelschlager, Vanita.
Call Number: xz

Each book has the child of two mommies or two daddies answer questions from an inquisitive friend. "Who's your mom for riding a bike? And who's your mom for flying a kite?" "Which dad helps when your team needs a coach? Which dad cooks you eggs and toast?" Both children outline the roles each parent plays for them and ends with stating that both daddies and both mommies love them very much.

Richardson, Justin, 1963-
Call Number: xz
A beautiful true story of two male penguins who fall in love. When Roy and Silo realize they don't have babies like other penguins, the zookeeper makes their dreams come true with baby penguin Tango!

Pitman, Gayle E.
Call Number: xz
An energetic, cheerful and animated look at a Pride parade, celebrating the beauty of community spirit and participation. Includes a reading guide explaining key terms and a note for parents and caregivers.

Thomas, Pat, 1959-
Call Number: xz

A fact based story for children of same sex parents that celebrates diversity and the beauty of all families.

Brannen, Sarah S.
Call Number: xz
Chloe is worried about her favorite Uncle Bobby's upcoming wedding. Will he still have time for her and all their fun adventures? Uncle Bobby convinces Chloe how great it will be to have an Uncle Jamie too!

Harris, Robie H.
Call Number: xz
A sister and brother from a mixed race family learn that families come in all different types, including some with two mommies, two daddies, uncles, aunts, grandparents and more!

Kemp, Anna.
Call Number: xz
Princess Sue cannot wait to be rescued and start her royal life. But when the prince rides up to save her and just wants to put her back in a tower, Princess Sue decides to take matters in her own hands! A delightful twist on the traditional "happily ever after."