Children Chatting With Author Ryan Andrews

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Join the Children Chatting with Authors Podcast as they interview Ryan Andrews about his book, This Was Our Pact and about being an author and illustrator.

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Ryan Andrews lives in the Japanese countryside, with his wife, two kids, and their dog. A friendly Kodama or two have been known to take up residence in the giant acorn tree that shades the house. Ryan works at his drawing desk in the early morning hours, to the sound of rummaging wild boar and badgers, who come from the surrounding forest seeking out shiitake mushrooms and fallen chestnuts.

Book cover for This Was Our Pact
This Was Our Pact
Andrews, Ryan

This Was Our Pact is a unique graphic novel that is both beautifully written and drawn. The pictures and words go perfectly together, and as you read, you wonder if you are in a dream surrounded by lanterns, water, fish, and stars. This Was Our Pact is a story about friendship, a new friendship with a bear that is very particular about his scarf, or realizing a true friend was beside you all along.