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We the Corporations: How American Businesses Gained Their Civil Rights

Adam Winkler
In Conversation With Rick Wartzman
Thursday, March 8, 2018
Episode Summary

In his new book, UCLA law professor Adam Winkler offers a revelatory portrait of how U.S. corporations have seized political power over time. He traces the 200-year effort of pro-business court decisions that give corporations the same rights as people and details the deep historical roots of recent landmark cases like Citizens United and Hobby Lobby. For a special lunchtime conversation, Winkler discusses with author Rick Wartzman of the Drucker Institute how businesses have transformed the Constitution and changed the course of American politics today.

Participant(s) Bio

Adam Winkler is a professor at UCLA School of Law, where he specializes in American constitutional law. His scholarship has been cited by the Supreme Court of the United States and his writing has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New Republic, Atlantic, Slate, and Scotusblog.

Rick Wartzman is director of the KH Moon Center for a Functioning Society at the Drucker Institute, a part of Claremont Graduate University.  He also hosts a podcast on the intersection of business and society called The Bottom Line and is a regular contributor to Fast Company. His latest book, The End of Loyalty: The Rise and Fall of Good Jobs in America, was published  in 2017.