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Poetry Reading

In conversation with Louise Steinman, curator, ALOUD at Central Library
Sunday, May 7, 2000
Episode Summary
This podcast, taken from the ALOUD archive, is a discussion from 2000's \"Words In the World\" series; a curated series of artists whose stories, essays, poems, novels, and films illuminated a global culture in crisis and celebration, extending their imaginations into the vast territory of the heart and the world.

Participant(s) Bio
Robert Creeley is one of the most important and affectionately regarded poets of our tme. His poems are distinctive for their precise, terse--almost minimalistic--language, for the syncopated rhythms of silences with his verse, and for his lifelong investigation of the heart's dark and often confused tranactions. His idiosyncratic lyrics, his skillful, ironic, and tender voice, have shaped the legacy of a "new American poetry" for an entire generation of younger poets. Among his many honors is the 1999 Bollingen Prize in poetry. Creeley attended Harvard in the 1940's, leaving to drive and ambulance in the India-Burma theatre of WWII. In the 1950's he taught at Black Mountain College, where he was awarded is B.A. in 1955.