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Futuristic violence and fancy suits

Futuristic violence and fancy suits is a fast-paced action adventure story set in a future boomtown, which is a place with few laws and even less taste. A poor barista named Zoey Ashe has unexpectedly inherited a fortune from a father she never knew. Rather than turning her into Cinderella at the ball, this inheritance puts her smack dab in the path of the dangerous people who killed her father. They are after something mysterious and won’t stop until they find it. In fact, they’ve already put a price on Zoey’s head. Now millions of people are watching online as various bounty hunters and thugs join the hunt. Who will collect the bounty? Will it be the team of bounty hunters with motorcycles? Will it be the reality television version of a serial killer? Or that strange group who seem to have developed super powers? The hunt for Zoey Ashe has gone viral and everyone is watching.

Luckily, Zoey has her father’s employees to help her out. He had employed a group of smooth-talking, hard-drinking men and women in dark suits who took care of “problems” for him. Zoey is more than a little concerned that they see her as a “problem” too. You don’t want to be a problem for these people who tend to run over problems. But as the hunters get closer and the damage bills start to mount, Zoey has to find some way not to die on screen.

This book is full of action, snappy dialogue, and the antics of a crowd of brilliantly competent people who have gone just a little too long without sleep. Zoey is smart, cynical, and laugh-out-loud funny. Her perspective, rooted in the realities of poverty and gender inequality, helps ground us in the fantastical, extreme world she finds herself in.