Superheroes: Fiction

Updated: December 17, 2020

Superhero fiction is one of the most popular sub-genres of speculative fiction, and is made up of two categories of costumed crime fighters:  superheroes with super-human powers and those characters without the powers.  Superheroes rely on skill, cunning and training. They wear distinctive clothing and masks to conceal their identities, in order to defeat their enemies, super-villains.

Book cover for After the Golden Age
After the Golden Age
Vaughn, Carrie.
Celia West, only daughter of the heroic leaders of the superpowered Olympiad, has spent years estranged from her parents trying to live a life away from superheroes and superpowers. Then she is called into her boss’ office and given the assignment of securing the necessary evidence to prosecute the Destructor, a supervillain, on tax fraud. Can an accountant defeat a supervillain?

Book cover for Against all enemies : a novel
Against all enemies : a novel
Irvine, Alexander (Alexander C.).
Call Number: SF
The Ultimates are a group of superheroes working with the US government to help protect the country and its citizens from threats more traditional forces cannot handle. The group, led by General Nick Fury, includes Tony Stark/IronMan, Captain America, and Thor. The Ultimates recently defeated the Chitauri, a group of shape shifting aliens, but recent events seem to indicate that survivors may be hiding and planning another attack. But the question is where are they and how can they be identified before it is too late?

Book cover for Batman : knightfall
Batman : knightfall
O'Neil, Dennis, 1939-
Batman has protected Gotham City for years from its many and varied villains. But when a new villain named Bane uses Batman’s rogues' gallery to wear him down before attacking himself, the resulting battle leaves Batman incapable of defending his city, and for the first time must turn the mantle of the bat over to another. Will Batman be able to recover from his injuries? And how will Azrael adjust to being Gotham’s new Batman?

Book cover for Batman : no man's land  : a novel
Batman : no man's land : a novel
Rucka, Greg.
Gotham City, which Batman has dedicated his life to protect, has been leveled by a massive earthquake. Thousands of people are dead and millions more are wounded. Now Gotham is little more than a lawless wilderness, a no-man's-land, where martial law may consume both the survivors and those trying to protect them.

Book cover for Batman : the ultimate evil
Batman : the ultimate evil
Vachss, Andrew H.
In the depth of Gotham City's darkness glows the garish neon of a sex industry, and it is here that Batman's most personal and savage battle will be fought. He will need all his strength and discipline to fight the most remorseless enemies he has ever faced: those who traffic in the flesh of children.

Book cover for Black widow : forever red.
Black widow : forever red.
Stohl, Margaret.
Call Number: YA
When children begin to disappear across Eastern Europe, Natasha Romanoff, assassin and member of the Avengers, attempts to find out who is taking them and why. As she follows the leads, she begins to suspect that Ivan Somodorov, the trainer who turned her into a killer, may be behind the missing children. The only way to secure their future is to explore her own past.

Book cover for Countdown : based on the DC comics series
Countdown : based on the DC comics series
Cox, Greg, 1959-
Five generally supporting characters (Jimmy Olsen, Mary Marvel, Holly Robinson, Jason Todd and Donna Troy) must defend Earth against Darkseid and locate The Atom.

Book cover for Crisis on infinite Earths
Crisis on infinite Earths
Wolfman, Marv.
Call Number: SF
Barry Allen, the secret identity of The Flash, is trapped in an alternate dimension as he helplessly watches as universe after universe is consumed by the Anti-Monitor. The Monitor, the opposite of the Anti-Monitor in every way, gathers together super-heroes from every remaining reality to defeat the Anti-Monitor, and avoid what could be the end of existence for all the remaining galaxies.

Book cover for The death and life of Superman : a novel
The death and life of Superman : a novel
Stern, Roger.
The headline on The Daily Planet reads, "Superman - dead!" The man of steel was killed defending Metropolis from a being called Doomsday. But who are the four super-beings who appeared mysteriously after Superman's funeral and claim to be the Last Son of Krypton?

Book cover for Double down
Double down
Bond, Gwenda,
Call Number: YA
Lois is settling into her new school. She’s made friends and loves her work as a reporter. And her online friendship with “SmallvilleGuy” may be growing into something more. But when her friend, Maddy’s twin, collapses in a seedy part of town, Lois finds herself drawn into a mystery that could be linked to Metropolis’ underworld.

Book cover for Dreams of the golden age
Dreams of the golden age
Vaughn, Carrie.
It’s been over a decade since the events chronicled in After the Golden Age. Celia West is now the head of West Corp and spends her time trying to do good work (the non-superpowered type) for Commerce City. However her teenage daughter Anna is another matter entirely. Anna is part of a secret group that is sneaking out at night to practice honing their superpowers in the hopes of becoming the next Olympiad.

Book cover for Empire state
Empire state
Christopher, Adam
Call Number: SF

Parallel universes, superheroes, hard boiled detectives, and mad scientists.  Empire state is a genre bending/blending novel unlike anything you've ever read before.

Book cover for Enemies & allies
Enemies & allies
Anderson, Kevin J., 1962-

When Lex Luthor's latest plan for world domination involves tampering with the Board of Directors of Wayne Enterprises, it draws the attention of not only Superman but Batman as well. Now these two uneasy allies must learn to work together to ensure Luthor's plot does not succeed.

Book cover for Ex-communication : a novel
Ex-communication : a novel
Clines, Peter, 1969-
In the years since the zombie apocalypse hit, the heroes have worked diligently not only to keep the human survivors alive, but to help them grow and create a new civilization from the ashes of the world they knew. Now one of the guardians of this new civilization seems to be succumbing to a weakness no one expected. Legion, the enemy of all that has been created, comes up with a new way to use the living dead to attack. And nearby, something, or someone, will only be satisfied when the last human survivor is dead.

Book cover for Ex-heroes.
Clines, Peter, 1969-
A group of superheroes attempt to protect and provide for a few thousand survivors of the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles. They have turned the former Paramount movie studio lot into a fortress known as The Mount. The daily struggle to survive is difficult enough, but now word has come of an army amassing a few miles west, with intent on taking The Mount. And their leader is a former hero with the most terrifying power of all.

Book cover for Ex-isle
Clines, Peter, 1969-
In the years since the end of the world, the Mount has become one of the last known human enclaves due to the protection of the heroes that keep it safe. But disaster can, and does, come without warning and at any time. When the food supply for the citizens of the Mount are destroyed, the heroes must make some difficult choices to prevent all that they’ve worked for from being destroyed.

Book cover for Ex-patriots : a novel
Ex-patriots : a novel
Clines, Peter, 1969-
It's been two years since the plague ravaged Los Angeles and turned most of its inhabitants into zombies. Two years of living behind the walls of the Mount, the former Paramount Studios lot, protected by superheroes who fight to provide and protect this last outpost of humanity. But supplies are growing scarce and the zombies just keep coming. So, when the US Army battalion arrives from Project Krypton, along with super-soldiers created before the plague, it seems like the rescue they have been waiting for has finally come. But there is a dark secret at the heart of Project Krypton that none of the survivors is expecting.

Book cover for Ex-Purgatory : a novel
Ex-Purgatory : a novel
Clines, Peter, 1969-
George Bailey’s dreams are like a lot of people’s dreams. He dreams he can fly. And that he can defeat monsters. But those things are just dreams. Until a young woman in a wheelchair tells him about another world. A world that fell to zombie hordes and is protected by George. In this other world, he is a superhero. One of the few that protect one of the last groups of human survivors. What she is saying is madness. But when George’s waking life and dreams begin to intersect, he begins to wonder what is real and what is fantasy.

Book cover for Fallout
Bond, Gwenda,
Call Number: YA
The adventures of a teenage Lois Lane as she struggles to fit in at her new high school in Metropolis. But it won’t be easy, she has to balance school, her new job as a reporter and her attempt to figure out how a group of bullies is harassing a girl through the use of a video-game. The only constant is her growing friendship with an online friend whose screen-name is “SmallvilleGuy.”

Book cover for Final crisis : based on the DC Comics miniseries
Final crisis : based on the DC Comics miniseries
Cox, Greg, 1959-
Darkseid is about to unleash the forces of Apokolips against Earth and the only thing that can stop him is the Justice League.

Book cover for The Further adventures of Batman
The Further adventures of Batman
Call Number: SS

An anthology of 16 stories released to celebrate Batman’s 50th anniversary.

Book cover for The further adventures of the Joker
The further adventures of the Joker
Call Number: SS

An anthology of 20 stories dealing with Batman’s greatest adversary, The Joker.

Book cover for Ghosts of Manhattan : a tale of the Ghost
Ghosts of Manhattan : a tale of the Ghost
Mann, George
Call Number: M
The year is 1926. The city is New York. The Roaring Twenties. Jazz. Flappers. Prohibition. Coal-powered cars. A cold war with a British Empire that still covers half of the globe. And The Ghost, the city’s guardian, is investigating a series of murders occurring all over the New York with the victims found with ancient Roman coins placed on their eyelids after death. As he closes in on the killer, The Ghost will uncover a plot that threatens the entire city.

Book cover for Ghosts of war : a tale of the ghost
Ghosts of war : a tale of the ghost
Mann, George.
Call Number: M
Strange skeleton-like creatures with brass bodies and bat-like wings are attacking people and carrying them away into the night. It is up to The Ghost to determine who is behind the abductions and how they are linked to a plot to escalate the cold war with Britain into full blown war.

Book cover for Hench
Walschots, Natalie Zina

While working for a temp agency Anna Tromedlov is injured and suffers life-altering effects.  The agency supplies villains with workers, aka henches. During her convalescence she goes over what happened and realizes she is part of the collateral damage inflicted by "the hero" in the war between heroes and villains. Anna is a pro at manipulating data and how it will be perceived, and knows how to alter those perceptions with social and traditional media.   Anna is about to wage a war against the heroes with a weapon they will never see coming: their own actions.


Book cover for Hero
Moore, Perry.
Thom Creed will do almost anything to avoid disappointing his father, a former superhero disowned by The League, so he keeps secrets. A lot of secrets. Like the fact that he has developed super powers. And that The League has asked him to join them. And the fact that he is gay. But Thom will have to face his fears, and expose his secrets, to truly become the hero, and person, he really wants to be.

Book cover for The Incredible Hulk : what savage beast
The Incredible Hulk : what savage beast
David, Peter (Peter Allen).
When presented with the opportunity to permanently rid himself of the Hulk, which could also save his marriage and provide a stable home for the birth of twin children, Dr. Bruce Banner has a biochip implanted in his brain. It may provide him, and his family, with the “normal” life they’ve always wanted, or it could lead to the end of all their lives.

Lackey, Mercedes.
When Nazi robot warriors from an alternate, and incredibly advanced Third Reich make their way to our world, a group of meta-human superheroes is the only thing that can stop this attempt to take over the world!  This is Book One in the Secret World Chronicles.

Book cover for Iron Man: virus
Iron Man: virus
Irvine, Alexander (Alexander C.).
Call Number: SF
When two airplanes collide over Long Island, it strengthens Tony Stark’s resolve to complete a new technology, a hyper-intelligent instant control system, that could have prevented the crash. But what Stark does not know is that his lab has been compromised and this system is going to be used to try and take control of Iron Man, destroy S.H.I.E.L. D. and release a horror like nothing anyone has ever seen before.

Book cover for It's Superman! : a novel
It's Superman! : a novel
De Haven, Tom.
Novelization of Superman’s origins and early years as a superhero that chronicles the development of his powers, the beginning of his career as a journalist and his first confrontation with Lex Luthor.

Book cover for Kingdom come
Kingdom come
Maggin, Elliot S.
In the early years of the 21st Century, a new squad of younger superheroes is wreaking havoc on the planet. Superman’s return from a self-imposed exile may be the catalyst for a confrontation that may destroy the planet.

Book cover for The last days of Krypton
The last days of Krypton
Anderson, Kevin J., 1962-
Call Number: SF
The story of the events leading up to Krypton’s destruction and how Kal-El, last son of the doomed planet, ended up in a spaceship headed for Earth to become Superman.

Book cover for The mad scientist's guide to world domination : original short fiction for the modern evil genius
The mad scientist's guide to world domination : original short fiction for the modern evil genius
Call Number: SF

The mad scientist has been a science fiction standard since the genesis of the genre with Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in 1818.  In this anthology, editor John Joseph Adams has gathered a wonderful collection of mostly new stories (only two have been previously published) by some of the genre's best and brightest authors exploring this sci-fi staple from the inside out, with fascinating, insightful and often hilarious results.  A must read for anyone contemplating their own plans to rule the planet!

Book cover for Mary Jane : a novel
Mary Jane : a novel
O'Brien, Judith.
The new girl at Midtown High, Mary Jane Watson, juggles and struggles with her parents' divorce, her love of ballet, and her burgeoning new bond with class nerd Peter Parker, who is about to undergo a stunning transformation of his own.

Book cover for A once crowded sky : a novel
A once crowded sky : a novel
King, Tom, 1978-

The Blue” was unstoppable. Only Ultimate, the greatest hero of them all, knew what it would take. So he gathered all but one of the superheroes’ powers and used them to sacrifice himself and save the world.  Now “The Blue” is back and only Pen-Ultimate, the one hero who walked away, and refused to give his powers to Ultimate, can save the world.  Or can he?

Book cover for Soon I will be invincible : novel
Soon I will be invincible : novel
Grossman, Austin, 1969-
Call Number: SF
Doctor Impossible, an evil genius/mad scientist with plans for world domination, is once again in prison. None of his actions has helped achieve his goals, but this time things will be different! Fatale is a cyborg and the newest member of the Champions, the world’s most famous team of superheroes. But Fatale is beginning to see that being a superhero is nothing like she thought it would be. This adventure will define them both!

Book cover for Spider-man : carnage in New York
Spider-man : carnage in New York
Michelinie, David.
Spider-Man must defeat one of the most dangerous villains he has yet to encounter: a serial killer who has altered his chemical make-up to perform escalating acts of violence. He goes by the name Carnage.

Book cover for Spider-man : the lizard sanction
Spider-man : the lizard sanction
Duane, Diane.
While on assignment in Florida to cover the next space shuttle launch for The Daily Bugle, Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) finds Venom is pursuing The Lizard through the Florida Everglades. But why? And does this have anything to do with the impending launch?

Book cover for Spider-Man : the octopus agenda
Spider-Man : the octopus agenda
Duane, Diane.
The investigation of a cell-phone fraud leads Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) to a cache of counterfeiting equipment and a huge supply of nuclear bombs, and indications of a plan bent on destroying both cities and the world's economy.

Book cover for Spider-man : wanted dead or alive
Spider-man : wanted dead or alive
Gardner, Craig Shaw.
When a bystander is shot during a bank robbery that Spider-Man is trying to stop, he is instantly blamed which results in a media firestorm. The Daily Bugle and mayoral candidate Brian Timilty, who is running to help Tyler Steart take over New York’s crime bosses, put Spider-Man in their crosshairs. Timilty escalates things by framing Spider-Man for a murder he didn’t commit. Peter Parker/Spider-Man must stop Timilty’s plans and prevent him from being elected while also clearing his name of the crimes he did not commit.

Book cover for Superman : miracle monday
Superman : miracle monday
Maggin, Elliot S.
The Man of Steel is forced to confront an alien whose goal is not the destruction of mankind or the universe, but the corruption of the last Kryptonian.

Book cover for These vicious masks
These vicious masks
Shanker, Tarun.
Call Number: YA
A superhero novel set in Victorian England. This genre-crossing novel has superpowers, gallant heroes, evil villains and strict societal codes all wrapped up with a great deal of fun and sparkling banter!

Book cover for The ultimate Silver Surfer
The ultimate Silver Surfer
Call Number: SS
A collection of never before published stories, including an origin novella co-written by Stan Lee, featuring the Silver Surfer.

Book cover for Wayne of Gotham
Wayne of Gotham
Hickman, Tracy.
A story of the Batman and his investigation into a rebellious young doctor who he loved and watched die, but never really knew: Thomas Wayne.

Book cover for Wonder Woman : gods and goddesses
Wonder Woman : gods and goddesses
Byrne, John, 1950-
Call Number: SF
As Wonder Woman travels to Olympus with a priest in search of answers regarding the true nature of the mythic gods who are the source of her powers, a zealous televangelist attempts to turn her followers, and the world, against her because of her association with “pagan” deities. Will Wonder Woman survive a battle waged not with swords but with belief and hateful words?

Book cover for World divided
World divided
Lackey, Mercedes.
While the meta-human superheroes have defeated the Nazi robots sent to control the Earth, they still need to determine who was behind the attack. They will also have to deal with a new villainous super-genius who is also set on world domination.
Book two of The Secrect World Chronicles.