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Picture Books With LGBTQIA Parents or Family Members

Updated: June 14, 2022

Book cover for Antonio's Card
Antonio's Card
Gonzalez, Rigoberto.
Call Number: S xz
When some of his classmates tease him about his mother's partner Leslie, Antonio feels sad and doesn't know what to do. In this bilingual story, Antonio appreciates how important Leslie is to his family.

Book cover for Donovan's Big Day
Donovan's Big Day
Newman, Leslea.
Call Number: xz
Donovan wakes up and remembers that today he has a big job to do. He must wash up and feed the dog and eat breakfast (with help from Grandma and Grandpa) all in preparation for the wedding of his two moms.

Book cover for Families
Kuklin, Susan.
Call Number: x 392 K96
This non-fiction book follows all types of families: mixed face families, adoption families, single parents, and same sex parents. Told from the children's perspective, it is a wonderful look at all the different ways you can make a family.

Book cover for The Family Book
The Family Book
Parr, Todd
Call Number: xz

Some families have two mommies or two daddies. Some only have one parent. Some families are the same color, and some families are different colors. In this lovely book by Todd Parr, children learn there are many different ways to be a family, but your family is special no matter what.

Book cover for Grandad's Camper
Grandad's Camper
Woodgate, Harry
Call Number: xz

Book cover for In Our Mothers' House
In Our Mothers' House
Polacco, Patricia.
Call Number: xz

Book cover for Molly's Family
Molly's Family
Garden, Nancy.
Call Number: xz
Molly is so excited for open school night and draws a picture of her family to decorate her classroom. But Molly's classmate sees and it and says you can't have two mommies. Molly is sad and confused. No one else has two mommies; what should she do? In this heartwarming story, a supportive teacher and two wonderful mommies teach Molly all about different types of families.

Book cover for A Tale of Two Daddies
A Tale of Two Daddies
Oelschlager, Vanita.
Call Number: xz

Book cover for A Tale of Two Mommies
A Tale of Two Mommies
Oelschlager, Vanita.
Call Number: xz

Each book has the child of two mommies or two daddies answer questions from an inquisitive friend. "Who's your mom for riding a bike? And who's your mom for flying a kite?" "Which dad helps when your team needs a coach? Which dad cooks you eggs and toast?" Both children outline the roles each parent plays for them and ends with stating that both daddies and both mommies love them very much.

Book cover for This is My Family: A First Look at Same-Sex Parents
This is My Family: A First Look at Same-Sex Parents
Thomas, Pat, 1959-
Call Number: xz

A fact based story for children of same sex parents that celebrates diversity and the beauty of all families.

Book cover for Uncle Bobby's Wedding
Uncle Bobby's Wedding
Brannen, Sarah S.
Call Number: xz
Chloe is worried about her favorite Uncle Bobby's upcoming wedding. Will he still have time for her and all their fun adventures? Uncle Bobby convinces Chloe how great it will be to have an Uncle Jamie too!

Book cover for Who's in My Family? All About Our Families
Who's in My Family? All About Our Families
Harris, Robie H.
Call Number: xz
A sister and brother from a mixed race family learn that families come in all different types, including some with two mommies, two daddies, uncles, aunts, grandparents and more!