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*LGBTQIA: Lesbian Fiction & Literature

Updated: June 1, 2022

Novels, plays, and poetry with characters, plots about or by lesbian writers. More novels will be found under the subject heading Lesbians - fiction. More poetry will be found under the subject heading Lesbians - poetry.

Annie on my mind
Garden, Nancy.
Nancy Garden's groundbreaking story of two high school girls falling in love and dealing with the reactions of their parents and community by holding tighter to each other.

The arc of love : an anthology of lesbian love poems
Call Number: 811.08 A6685
A collection of love poetry by over 80 lesbian poets from around the world. "I ask myself and you, which of our visions will claim us/which will we claim/how will we go on living/how will we touch, what will we know/what will we say to each other." -Adrienne Rich

Baby precious always shines : selected love notes between Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas
Stein, Gertrude, 1874-1946.
Call Number: 813 S819S-5

These are personal, informal and unguarded notes between Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas.

Barbary Station
Stearns, R. E., 1983-
Call Number: SF

In a desperate move, Adda and Iridian hijack a colony ship and head for Barbary Station in the hopes of joining an infamous crew of pirates. When they arrive, they find the pirates are hiding from the station’s AI, which is attempting to exterminate everyone living on the station and destroy any ships attempting to leave. Adda believes she can crack the AI’s programming and disable it. If she’s right, she and Iridian can join the pirate crew. If she’s wrong, everyone on Barbary Station will die.

Chang, Kristin

Folklore, myth, family traditions, fantastic realism combine in this powerful story about three generations of Taiwanese American women. There are hidden secrets about queer desires, violence and motivations. A finalist for Lambda's 2021 award.

Butter honey pig bread : a novel
Ekwuyasi, Francesca, 1990-

A family tragedy pervades the lives of a Nigerian mother and her twin daughters. The unexpressed misfortune causes more distress and is manifested in strong desires for food, in queer love, seeking friendships, and a search for home and family.  A finalist for Lambda's 2021 award.

Circulating queerness : before the gay and lesbian novel
Hurley, Natasha,
Call Number: 813.09 H965

A new examination of the history of the gay and lesbian novel as a distinct genre in American literature.

The color purple
Walker, Alice, 1944-
Call Number: Ed.f

Celie is a poor, black woman in 1930s American south whose relentless abuse by the men in her life threaten to make this story a tragedy. But tenacity, a momentous character evolution, and the kindness (and love) of women transform her into one of the greatest female characters in literature.

The complete works of Pat Parker
Parker, Pat, 1944-1989,
Call Number: 818 P242

A compilation of the poetry and prose of Pat Parker, who was an activitist for civil rights, women's rights and gay rights. "Parker directed the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Oakland, founded the Black Women’s Revolutionary Council and the Women’s Press Collective, and testified before the United Nations on the status of women. She died of breast cancer in June of 1989."

Cuíer : queer Brazil.
Call Number: 869.308 C9665

From Brazil comes this ecelctic collection of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and photography.  Many of the writers works appear in English for the first time.

Dear Abby, I'm gay : newspaper advice columnists and homosexuality in America
Stoner, Andrew E
Call Number: 070.44 S881

"This book chronicles some of the most popular and widely circulated newspaper columns between the 1930s and 2000, including Ann Landers, Dear Abby, Helen Help Us!, Dr. Joyce Brothers, The Worry Clinic, Dear Meg, Ask Beth, and Savage Love. It examines the function of these columns regarding the place of LGBTQ people in America."

Every true pleasure : LGBTQ tales of North Carolina
Call Number: 810.8 E932-1

.A collection of fiction and non-fiction from North Carolina's best writers who identify as gay, trans, bisexual and straight.

Waters, Sarah, 1966-
Victorian England is the setting for this tale of pickpockets, orphaned girls, and depraved morality. A prince-and-the-pauper sort of spin backed by meticulous historical research makes this love story compelling, gritty and full of surprises.

Flicker and spark : a contemporary queer anthology of spoken word and poetry
Call Number: 808.1 F6213

The anthology of poems and poets is divided into three sections:  Pre-Stonewall Poets (pre - 1970); Stonewall - First Diagnosis of AIDS Poets (1970 - 1981); AIDS Diagnosis - Brandon Teena's Death Poets (1982 - 1993). The collection is the result of Capturing Fire, The International Queer Spoken Word Slam.

Fried green tomatoes at the Whistle-Stop Cafe
Flagg, Fannie.
Idgy and Ruth open a restaurant in early-1900s southern America and, although they deal with conflicts ranging from the Ku Klux Klan to spousal abuse, their life is a love story accepted unquestionably by their community. The friends-turned-lovers element is more explicitly defined in the book than it was in the movie, and this is a sweet story about coming-of-age and a meeting of soul mates.

Breedlove, Lynn.

Hurtling through San Francisco on a bicycle, Jim is torn between speed (both on her bike and in her veins) and her sexy stripper girlfriend. When Ally gets tired of endlessly losing the battle, Jim hits the road and rock bottom as a roadie for her all-girl punk band. Breedlove, lead singer of the lesbian punk band Tribe 8, evokes the drug-lust of Irvine Welsh, the wacky wanderlust of Hunter S. Thompson, bound together by Charles Bukowski's endless obsession with women.

Last words from montmartre
Qiu, Miaojin, 1969-

Miaojin Qiu was a noteworthy experimental Taiwanese writer. The intense love affair and breakup of two young women is told through a series of letters, which the author said can be read in random order.

More than organs
Barrett, Kay Ulanday
Call Number: 811 B2725

These poems speak beautifully to Brown, Queer, Trans people and to others, so as to create connections of understanding and harmony.

Mouths of rain : an anthology of Black lesbian thought
Call Number: 810.8 M7895

Essays, poems, stories are part of this unique book that is organized historically in blocks of time, from 1909 to 2020.

My life is poetry : an anthology of writings by gay, lesbian, and bisexual seniors
Call Number: 811.08 M9955-2

A collection of poems from a 16-week workshop taught at the Gay & Lesbian Center in Los Angeles, which was funded by a grant from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. A special feature of the workshop is that autobiographical poetry was taught to LGBT senior citizens.

Not One Day
Garreta, Anne, author, translator.

Considered to be an experimental novel, Garréta draws upon her past writing, and her desire for another woman and the other woman's desire for Garréta. A provocative examination of desire and lust.

2018 winner of the Albertine Prize.

The Oberon book of queer monologues
Call Number: 808.82 O125-7

A unique collection of queer and trans monologues from the 1900s to the 2000s.

The only wonderful things : the creative partnership of Willa Cather and Edith Lewis
Homestead, Melissa J., 1963-
Call Number: 813 C363Ho

For 40 years, novelist Willa Cather had a professional and personal relationship with Edith Lewis, who, until now, was thought to be a secretary/assistant. This new biography sheds light on Lewis’ importance in the life of the artist.

Oranges are not the only fruit
Winterson, Jeanette, 1959-

Jeanette humorously recalls her childhood in northern England with an evangelical Christian adoptive family. As Jeanette becomes an adolescent and comes to terms with her attraction to women, the precarious balance that held the family together begins to wobble.

Paul takes the form of a mortal girl : a novel
Lawlor, Andrea,

A daring, satirical take on gay/lesbian/queer theory/shapeshifting, gender-bending during the 1990s--maybe for all time.  Andrea Lawlor will leave readers breathless, laughing, confused and thoughtful.

The price of salt
Highsmith, Patricia, 1921-1995.
Call Number: Ed.a

A struggling department store salesgirl becomes enamored with a wealthy suburban sophisticate in 1950s New York City. Stylish Carol and ingénue Therese make a thrilling (yet dysfunctional) twosome in this lesbian take on a classic romance.

The queer South : LGBTQ writers on the American South
Call Number: 810.8 Q35-1

A collection of LGBTQ stories, poems, memories of coming out--from writers who share their experiences about the American South.

Queers : eight monologues
Call Number: 808.82 Q35

A selection of monologues for male and female performers, covering numerous topics that have affected people in recent times.

Rose of no man's land : a novel
Tea, Michelle.

14-year-old Trisha feels trapped at home with a hypochondriac mother, her mom's loser boyfriend, and a sister obsessed with reality TV. When Trisha meets Rose at her crappy job, she leaves it all to follow Rose on an epic journey of chemical-fueld romance.

Rubyfruit jungle
Brown, Rita Mae.
Call Number: Ed.d
Molly is a poor, southern tomboy who has to fight for everything, and she does so with humor and self-confidence, even when she discovers she prefers women to men. One of the foremost coming-of-age stories for American lesbians, this book blew the lid off the women's movement when it was published in the early 70s and still has touching moments (especially the first half of the book).

Searching for Sappho : the lost songs and world of the first woman poet : including new translations of all of Sappho's surviving poetry
Freeman, Philip, 1961-
Call Number: 884 S249Fr

Sappho is often called the first female poet of the western world. Until recently there was not a large number of her poems, however more have been found. She was an aristocrat, a wife, devoted mother, a lover of women, and a great writer.  This book includes numerous poems freshly translated into English.


Stone Butch Blues: A Novel
Feinberg, Leslie
Call Number: Ed.a

Feinberg's semi-autobiographical novel about growing up butch and Jewish in working-class Buffalo, New York during the 1950s paints a portrait of a time in America when coming out was a crime the police were intent to enforce. Rejected by her family as a child for presenting masculine traits, Jess survives by passing as a man and navigating the pre-Stonewall NYC underground bar scene in search of a chosen family.

Strangers and cousins
Cohen, Leah Hager

A Jewish family gathers with numerous relatives and friends at their residence in New York’s Hudson Valley for the wedding of daughter Clem to her college girlfriend, Diggs. The event is viewed from the perspectives of dozens of wedding guests, who have wildly varying opinions about the ceremony and about many other issues, including the recent influx of ultra-Orthodox Jews in the small town.

Tales of the city
Maupin, Armistead.
Call Number: Ed.a

This mystery series brings together a cast of young eccentrics at the height of the sexual revolution of the 1970s. When Maryann Singleton visits San Francisco for the first time, she instantly knows she can never go back to Cleveland. When she rents an apartment at 28 Barbary Lane, the perks are endless:  from the "welcome" joint neatly taped to her door by the landlady, to the friends and loves that will last a lifetime. The landlady, Anna Madrigal, keeps her tenants as close as family, but none of them realizes just how close they really are until her secret is revealed.

Tipping the velvet
Waters, Sarah, 1966-

Nancy Astley fancies herself an ordinary oyster girl, working for her family's fishmonger business in a British seaside village. When eighteen-year-old Nan sees the stunning Kitty Butler performing as a man in a local music hall, she is instantly captivated. When Nan finally gets Kitty's attention, she follows her on an epic passionate journey.

To some women I have known
Hansen, Renee,
Call Number: 811 H24895

Part memoir and reminiscence, in poetic format, about the social and political times, past history, and how all of it affected Hansen's life.

Trash : stories
Allison, Dorothy.

In a collection of stories that was to become the basis for Bastard out of Carolina,  Allison examines the myriad of emotions evoked by her mother's illness and ongoing commitment to Allison's stepfather, who physically and sexually abused them both. Brimming with love, Allison recounts the haunting memories of her past while fearlessly moving forward with her life and her love of women.