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*LGBTQIA: Intersex - Non-Fiction

Updated: June 3, 2022

A selection of non-fiction books about intersexuality.

Between XX and XY : intersexuality and the myth of two sexes
Callahan, Gerald N., 1946-
Call Number: 616.694 C156

Callahan may raise more questions than precise answers, and thereby opens up the discussion about what makes someone male, female or intersex, 

Born both : an intersex life
Viloria, Hida,
Call Number: 306.7685 V762

A personal, sincere and candid autobiography about what it means to be born intersex. Viloria HIlda discusses her fight for human rights for all intersex people.

Contesting intersex : the dubious diagnosis
Davis, Georgiann,
Call Number: 616.694 D261

Sociologist Georgiann Davis tackles the issue of marking intersexuality as an abnormality. As someone who was not told by her doctors that she possessed XY chromosones (indicating intersex) in order to protect her gender identity.

Finding the real me : true tales of sex and gender diversity
Call Number: 306.768 F4945

Comforting, supportive, real-life stories from people who have lived and thrived, despite struggles, with gender and sexual identity.

Fixing sex : intersex, medical authority, and lived experience
Karkazis, Katrina Alicia, 1970-
Call Number: 616.694 K18

An examination of medical and social issues about intersex and intervention.  This book also provides a historical view of how attitudes have and continue to change.

Intersex and identity : the contested self
Preves, Sharon E., 1968-
Call Number: 306.7685 P944

Personal interviews are the basis for this exploration of what it has meant to be labeled intersex.  Preves carefully documents these experiences within the context of sociology, medicine, and political activism.


The no-nonsense guide to sexual diversity
Baird, Vanessa.
Call Number: 301.415 B163

This book analyzes how lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people have been treated in different parts of the world, and shows how great progress has been achieved, but also there is a long way to go towards complete equality.

Queer Threads: Crafting Identity and Community
Chaich, John
Call Number: 746 C434

Featured are the works of 30 artists who have remixed fiber crafts, such as crochet, embroidery, quilting, sewing, weaving.  Using their artwork, they seek to examine queerness in various forms. The book is lavishly illustrated with color photographs.

Real queer America : LGBT stories from red states
Allen, Samantha
Call Number: 306.76620977 A429

Samantha Allen took a cross-country road trip, from Provo Utah to the Bible Belt to the Deep South, allowing her motto, "Something gay every day," to be her guide.

Sex, lies & gender National Geographic Television ; producer/writer/director, David Elisco ; produced by National Geographic Television for National Geographic Channel.
Call Number: DVD 616.8583 S5185

This National Geographic documentary examines the lives of three different people with different sexual and gender situations: a hijra, transgender person, in Inida; a former soldier who is intersex; and a seven-year-old girl born with male sex organs, who has always as identified as female.

Third sex, third gender : beyond sexual dimorphism in culture and history
Call Number: 392.609 T4455

These eleven essays were intended as suggestions in which to look at sex roles and gender identity in a new way. The topics cover different historical and national forms pertaining to sex and gender:  Native American berdache; Indian hijra caste; Byzantine Empre, Melanesia, Indonesia, Balkans and America. The subjects of the essays deliver historical perspectives.