LGBTQIA: Gay Fiction & Literature

Updated: February 24, 2023

Novels, plays, poetry and biographies about or by gay men. More novels will be found under the subject heading Gay men - fiction. More poetry will be found under the subject heading Gay men poetry

All I Love and Know
Frank, Judith, 1958-

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Matthew and Daniel’s domestic bliss is shattered when Daniel’s brother and sister-in-law are killed in a Jerusalem bombing. The couple are thrust into parenthood when they learn that they have been named the surviving children’s guardians.

Ariel : a literary life of Jan Morris
Johns, Derek, 1948-
Call Number: 820.92 M876Jo

Jan Morris, formerly James Morris, is a prolific travel writer, historian, journalist and novelist. He documented his transition from male to female in his autobiography, Conundrum. In this new biography, Derek Johns writes about Jan Morris' life  through her/his writings.

The band plays : The boys in the band [and its sequel] The men from the boys
Crowley, Mart, 1935-
Call Number: 812 C9534-3

When first performed this play was controversial in many different communities, both straight and gay. This year is the 50th anniversary of its performance. This edition includes the original play and its sequel.

Before Night Falls
Arenas, Reinaldo
Call Number: 863 A681A

One of modern Cuba's major writers, Arenas holds back little in this candid autobiography. Originally a young guerrilla fighter with Castro, he then spent 20 years in prison under the regime he had supported.  Finally making his way to the United State he fought a more desperate battle with AIDS.

Before time could change them : the complete poems of Constantine P. Cavafy ; translated, with an introduction and notes by Theoharis Constantine Theoharis.
Cavafy, Constantine, 1863-1933.
Call Number: 889.1 K11-6

Constantine Cavafy's poetry is classical, beautiful, elegant and erotic, and he never shies away from his own sexuality as the subject.

The Berlin stories
Isherwood, Christopher, 1904-1986.
Call Number: Ed.c

In this fictionalized account of his time in Weimar Berlin, Isherwood introduces characters who would later be made famous by the play, I am a cameraand the Broadway musical and film, Cabaret.The stories are also vivid pictures of attitudes and political inclinations leading to the rise of Nazi Germany.

Black Deutschland
Pinckney, Darryl

Jed, middle-class, black and gay in 1980s' Chicago, hopes to find freedom and acceptance in Berlin, as did William Bradshaw in Christopher Isherwood's Berlin Stories. Darryl Pinckney's writing style and plot structure weave stream of consciousness, reflection and critical commentary, into a uniquely modern story.

Boy meets boy
Levithan, David.
Call Number:
Boy meets boy. Boy falls in love with boy. Boy messes up spectacularly. Boy loses boy. Boy tries to win boy back. Levithan has created a beatiful and fantastically idealistic world with lovable characters and snappy dialog.

Brokeback mountain
Proulx, Annie.

Set in the hills of Montana, two cowboys working as herders share a cabin, where a sexual relationship develops that evolves into a very deep friendship.

Call Me By Your Name
Aciman, Andre,
Call Number: Ed.a

A coming-of-age story about an adolescent boy coming to terms with his sexuality. A six-week encounter, at the family's villa on the Italian Riviera, changes the lives of the adolescent and an adult guest.

Cat on a hot tin roof
Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983.
Call Number: 812 W727-10 2004
Maggie struggles to keep her marriage together and inheritance intact, while husband Brick drinks to forget the failed love of an old football teammate. Williams' scene notes and unusual characterization of patriarch Big Daddy's unconditional love for his son in the 1950s American south makes reading this play more rewarding than watching the sanitized Newman/Taylor film.

Circulating queerness : before the gay and lesbian novel
Hurley, Natasha,
Call Number: 813.09 H965

A new examination of the history of the gay and lesbian novel as a distinct genre in American literature.

Statovci, Pajtim,

Two friends decide to leave their native Albania and take their chances in Rome, Italy. Bujar has lost his father and Agim is contending with his gender identity and sexuality.  Finding comfort and peace in one's own body can be as onerous and complex as finding a home in another country. Statovci's lyrical writing style magnifies the complexity of those who are excluded by a culture, or by its conventions.

Cuíer : queer Brazil.
Call Number: 869.308 C9665

From Brazil comes this ecelctic collection of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and photography.  Many of the writers works appear in English for the first time.

The damned don't cry - they just disappear : the life and works of Harry Hervey
Greene, Harlan,
Call Number: 810.92 H578Gr

During the 1920s and 1930s Harry Hervey was a very successful screenwriter, and a prolific writer of fiction and travel books. In his day he was a somewhat closeted gay man, who lived openly with his gay lover. Harlan Greene's new biography brings awareness to a writer whose fame has faded. The movie Shanghai Express is based on a story by Hervey. LAPL owns novels and non-fiction books by him.

Dear Abby, I'm gay : newspaper advice columnists and homosexuality in America
Stoner, Andrew E
Call Number: 070.44 S881

"This book chronicles some of the most popular and widely circulated newspaper columns between the 1930s and 2000, including Ann Landers, Dear Abby, Helen Help Us!, Dr. Joyce Brothers, The Worry Clinic, Dear Meg, Ask Beth, and Savage Love. It examines the function of these columns regarding the place of LGBTQ people in America."

Death in Venice
Mann, Thomas, 1875-1955.
Call Number: Ed.j
Gustav von Aschenbach, a middle-age German writer in the early 1900s, travels to Venice alone on a meditative journey that becomes a life-altering infatuation/obsession with a young boy. This study of self-hate vs. the pursuit of happiness is also notable for the Michael Cunningham introduction on the subtleties of translation in the Michael Henry Heim edition.

Djavadi, Negar

A story of Iranian life in exile told by Kimiâ Sadr, who left when she was ten years old to live in France. Now at 25-years-old, her mind is overrun with emotional memories and tales of generations of her family and their life in Iran. Winner of the LAMBDA Literary Award for 2019 and the French Albertine Award for 2019.

Every true pleasure : LGBTQ tales of North Carolina
Call Number: 810.8 E932-1

.A collection of fiction and non-fiction from North Carolina's best writers who identify as gay, trans, bisexual and straight.

Fatal Shadows
Lanyon, Josh.

When Adrien's friend turns up dead in an alley the morning after a loud public argument, Adrien becomes the prime suspect, but he may be the killer's next victim.

Flicker and spark : a contemporary queer anthology of spoken word and poetry
Call Number: 808.1 F6213

The anthology of poems and poets is divided into three sections:  Pre-Stonewall Poets (pre - 1970); Stonewall - First Diagnosis of AIDS Poets (1970 - 1981); AIDS Diagnosis - Brandon Teena's Death Poets (1982 - 1993). The collection is the result of Capturing Fire, The International Queer Spoken Word Slam.

Giovanni's room
Baldwin, James, 1924-1987.
Call Number: Ed.c

David is a young American living in 1950s Paris, retreating from his fiancée and discovering homosexual love with Italian bartender Giovanni. Daring and bald-faced, this novel is written with such a modern tone, it could be set in current-day West Hollywood.

Heaven's coast : a memoir
Doty, Mark.
Call Number: 811 D7255Do
In 1989, the poet Mark Doty and his partner of many years, Wally Roberts, were tested for HIV - Doty's result was negative, but Wally's was positive. Doty, an award-winning poet, provides a moving account of their love and their life together.

How We Fight For Our Lives: A Memoir
Jones, Saeed
Call Number: 811 J7845J

In this multiple award-winning coming-of-age memoir ( Kirkus, 2019; Stonewall Book Award, 2020; New York Times 100 Notable Books, 2019), Saeed Jones writes about growing up in the South, as a young, black, gay man.

Infidels : a novel
Taia, Abdellah, 1973-

Originally from Morocco, Abdellah Taïa lives in France and is among a small group of openly gay Arabic writers. Infidels portrays the harsh life of a mother and son who are among the outcasts of a structured religious society, and how the limits force people to take desperate measures.

Ali, Kazim, 1971-
Call Number: 811 A3975-3

Kazim Ali identifies as queer, Muslim, American, and presents his views on recent and current political and social violence.

Logical family : a memoir
Maupin, Armistead,
Call Number: 813 M452M

Armistead Maupin's warm memoir of growing up in conservative North Carolina, and realizing that this was not the place for him. Candid and humorous about his life's journey in the navy in Vietnam to San Francisco in the 1970s, to becoming a writer and gay rights pioneer.

The love that dares : letters of LGBTQ+ love & friendship through history
Smith, Rachel
Call Number: 808.68 S657

LGBTQ love letters and letters of friendship that span the ages.

Maurice : a novel
Forster, E. M. 1879-1970.
Call Number: Ed.b
Maurice is a student at Cambridge in the early 1900s who discovers, despite his social status and predictable career expectations, he is altogether unpredictably homosexual. Written in 1913 but not published until 1971, Maurice is shockingly modern and upfront; a tale of awareness, loss, and ultimately love.

More than organs
Barrett, Kay Ulanday
Call Number: 811 B2725

These poems speak beautifully to Brown, Queer, Trans people and to others, so as to create connections of understanding and harmony.

Mr. Loverman
Evaristo, Bernardine, 1959-
Also available for download as a e-book and e-audiobook.
74-yea-old, Barrington, Barry for short, is tired of living with his bitter wife. When Barry’s old friend and lover, Morris, asks Barry to move in with him, Barry must rectify his ideas of masculinity with his flamboyant persona.

My life is poetry : an anthology of writings by gay, lesbian, and bisexual seniors
Call Number: 811.08 M9955-2

A collection of poems from a 16-week workshop taught at the Gay & Lesbian Center in Los Angeles, which was funded by a grant from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. A special feature of the workshop is that autobiographical poetry was taught to LGBT senior citizens.

The Oberon book of queer monologues
Call Number: 808.82 O125-7

A unique collection of queer and trans monologues from the 1900s to the 2000s.

Our deep gossip : conversations with gay writers on poetry and desire
Hennessy, Christopher, 1973- author, interviewer.
Call Number: 811.09 H515-1

Interviews with eight renowned gay American poets:  Edward Field, John Ashbery, Richard Howard, Aaron Shurin, Dennis Cooper, Cyrus Cassells, Wayne Koestenbaum, and Kazim Ali. All of the them are candid about their personal lives, art, and what it means to be a modern gay poet.

Out of Character
Albert, Annabeth

A sequel to Conventionally Yours, and the world of Odyssey gamers and conventions plus cosplay, and the reutrn of Jasper, a supporting charater. The focus this time is on Milo Lionetti who is struggling to find himself, and on his journey of self-realization he reconnects and makes amends with Jasper. Out of Character is another round of nerdy fun for those looking for a bit of romance!


Outer voices, inner lives : a collection of LGBTQ writers over 50
Call Number: 810.8 O945

Sixteen stories by LGBT men and women, which provide a historical perspective and testimony for people of all ages.

Paul takes the form of a mortal girl : a novel
Lawlor, Andrea,

A daring, satirical take on gay/lesbian/queer theory/shapeshifting, gender-bending during the 1990s--maybe for all time.  Andrea Lawlor will leave readers breathless, laughing, confused and thoughtful.

The prince of Los Cocuyos : a Miami childhood
Blanco, Richard, 1968-
Call Number: 811 B6395B-1

The autobiography of the first Latino and openly gay presidential inaugural poet.  

Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997.
Call Number: Ed.b

Burrough's autobiographical novel depicts the tumultuous period of his life after the accidental shooting death of his wife, Joan. The protagonist, William, is withdrawing from heroin while obsessing over his reluctant lover, Eugene, in 1940s Mexico City.

Queer nature : a poetry anthology
Call Number: 808.1 Q35

This anthology is "concerned with poems that speak to and about nature as the term is applied in everyday language to queer and trans bodies and identities . . ." The poems are representative LGBTQIA+ voices.

The queer South : LGBTQ writers on the American South
Call Number: 810.8 Q35-1

A collection of LGBTQ stories, poems, memories of coming out--from writers who share their experiences about the American South.

Queers : eight monologues
Call Number: 808.82 Q35

A selection of monologues for male and female performers, covering numerous topics that have affected people in recent times.

Real life
Taylor, Brandon

Wallace is a gay black man from Alabama, who is a graduate student at a Midwestern university. He feels isolated and his work is overtly threatened by a another student. The novel is a Lambda 2021 finalist.

Red, White & Royal Blue
McQuiston, Casey

This debut novel takes an outrageous idea: what if a romance developed between the First Son Of The United States and one of Great Britain’s Royal Princes, and runs with it full tilt! Imagine a fairy tale, with TWO princes, and a very happy ending. It was the perfect summer/beach read, it is also an enjoyable read for any time of the year!

A Single Man
Isherwood, Christopher
Call Number: Ed.b

A single day in the life of George, a college English professor in 1960s Los Angeles, as he copes with the sudden death of his lover. George is wry, witty and, although cynical, ultimately positive as he seeks a way to connect with a life that is trying to leave him behind. 

Smile as they bow : a novel
Yi, Nu Nu.

This book was censored for twelve years by the government of Burma (now Myanmar). The story centers around the Taungbyon Festival, and Daisy Bond, a gay spiritual medium, who is part of the festivities.


The Story of a Marriage
Greer, Andrew Sean.

In 1954 San Francisco, Pearlie is devoted to caring for her ailing husband and polio-stricken son.  When her husband's former lover shows up at their home, Pearlie is forced to make some painful decisions.

Tales of the City (series)
Maupin, Armistead.
Call Number: Ed.b

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Maupin’s seminal mystery series brings together a cast of young eccentrics at the height of the sexual revolution of the 1970s. When Maryann Singleton visits San Francisco for the first time, she instantly knows she can never go back to Cleveland. When she rents an apartment at 28 Barbary Lane, the perks are endless: from the “welcome” joint neatly taped to her door by the landlady, to the friends and loves that will last a lifetime. The landlady, Anna Madrigal, keeps her tenants as close as family, but none of them realize just how close they really are until her secret is revealed.

Time was
McDonald, Ian, 1960-
Call Number: SF

A tale of love found and lost across time and space, following a pair of WWII lovers separated by a military experiment gone awry. It is also the story of a lonely London bookdealer on a quest to unravel the mystery of the lovers uncovered by the notes they left for each other in books.

The world only spins forward : the ascent of Angels in America
Butler, Isaac,
Call Number: 812 K9757Bu

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Broadway premiere of Angels in America, this oral history documents the play's saga.