Best of 2022: Graphic Novels

Updated: January 13, 2023

The best books of the year, as selected by the Los Angeles Public Library staff. Our staff is recommending graphic novels for children, teens and adults. The category of graphic novels is a genre that includes fiction and non-fiction. Perfect for holiday gift-giving! More books can be found at LAPL ReadsKids' PathTeen Web.


Book cover for Button pusher
Button pusher
Page, Tyler, 1976-
Call Number: 616.8589 P132

Author-artist Tyler Page presents his memoir of growing up with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) depicting friendly cartoon versions of his younger self and his family interspersed with infographics, text, explanatory images about what ADHD is, and how it affects the people who have it. The story follows the author from childhood through high school as he deals with his diagnosis, his parents’ troubled marriage, and other coming-of-age issues. Page and his family are depicted as white.

Book cover for Cat + gamer.    Volume 1
Cat + gamer. Volume 1
Nadatani, Wataru
Call Number: 740.9999 C3575-2 v.1

A slice-of-life manga about an office worker, Riko who lives to play video games in her spare time. When a kitten is found abandoned in her office parking lot, Riko ends up taking it, even though she knows nothing about cats. Soon, Riko decides to approach her new kitten, Musubi, as though he were a character in a video game to be “leveled up” with equipment and experience points. As any cat owner knows, plans for cats rarely go as expected, and Riko’s life changes in small but unexpected ways.

Book cover for Cheer up : love and pompoms
Cheer up : love and pompoms
Frasier, Crystal
Call Number: 741.5 F842

The novel features compassion, competition, and a very sweet romance, following  Beatrice “Bebe” Diaz, the high achieving, people-pleasing, first openly trans girl on her high school cheer team, and Annie, the smart, sarcastic misanthrope who was Bebe’s childhood friend. Annie needs extracurriculars to get into college, and Bebe knows that Annie is a great tumbler. 

Book cover for Miss Quinces
Miss Quinces
Fajardo, Kat
Call Number: x GN M678435

Grades: 4 - 7

A graphic novel about a young girl who will do anything not to celebrate her quinceañera. Sue would rather be hanging out with her friends this summer but has to go visit family in Honduras, and gets a surprise... she's having her party there! How will she get through everything this summer? 

Book cover for See you tomorrow at the food court
See you tomorrow at the food court
Nariie, Shinichiro.
Call Number: 740.9999 N229

This slice-of-life manga brings together two polar opposite characters, honor student Wada and fashion-focused Yamamoto. Although they appear to have nothing in common, they meet daily after school at the nearby food court to unwind and talk. Away from their classmates' prying eyes, Wada and Yamamoto are able to relax and be their true selves in each other's company.

Book cover for Until I meet my husband
Until I meet my husband
Nanasaki, Ryōsuke, 1987-
Call Number: 740.9999 N175

As a gay man searching for love in Japan, Ryousuke Nanasaki's life is not always easy. In this manga memoir he recounts his trials and tribulations with love, ultimately finding his husband in the process.

Book cover for Wandance. 1
Wandance. 1
Call Number: 740.9999 W2454 v.1

Growing up with a stutter, Kaboku Kotani has learned to keep attention away from himself. However, when Kaboku happens upon Hikari Wanda joyfully dancing alone, not caring who is watching, something shifts. Kaboku wishes to harness that same sense of freedom of expression, so he bravely joins his high school's dance club.

Book cover for Wash Day Diaries
Wash Day Diaries
Rowser, Jamila
Call Number: 741.5 R885

This vibrant novel is an engrossing read on Black sisterhood and the personal experience of Black hair care told through the shared ups and downs of Kim and her friends. The novel is both touching and funny, with beautiful illustrations.


Book cover for The well
The well
Wyatt, Jacob.
Call Number: 741.5 W9753

Out of desperation Lizzy steals several coins from the town well only to discover that she has stolen the wishes other people, who threw the coins in the first place. Now Lizzy must go on a quest to find the people and grant their wishes...not nearly as easy as it sounds. 

Book cover for Why Raeliana ended up at the duke's mansion.    Volume 1, A his-and-hers contract
Why Raeliana ended up at the duke's mansion. Volume 1, A his-and-hers contract
Call Number: 740.9999 W6295 v.1

After Eunha Park is pushed off a roof, she assumes her life is over – until she magically reawakens in a novel as the character Raeliana McMillan. Although Eunha is thrilled to have another chance at life, her odds are not looking so good. Eunha has read this novel, and knows Raeliana will die. Eunha is determined to fight Raeliana's fate, even if she has to make a deal with the shady Duke Wynknight to ensure her survival.