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E-Card: Frequently Asked Questions


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What is an e-card?

The e­-card is an electronically produced and distributed library card. With an e-­card you can access e-Media, Research & Homework, Online Learning, and Library to Go services.

Who needs an e-card?

The e-card is for anyone who wishes to access the library’s resources but who does not already have a physical library card. If you already have a physical library card or a Student Success Card but can't remember your library card number, contact us to recover your account.

I don't live in Los Angeles, may I still apply for an e-card?

At this time, the e-card is only available to Los Angeles County residents.

How do I get an e-card?

Complete the e-card application and you will immediately receive your e-card number by email. You will then be ready to use our resources.

Will the e-card expire?

The e­-card will be valid for three years.

What if I lose my e-card, forget my number, etc.?

Can't remember your library card number? Contact us to recover your account.