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Internet Use Policy


 The Los Angeles Public Library provides access to information in many formats including printed material, audio-visual items, electronic databases and the Internet. The library does not limit access to materials or attempt to prevent users from viewing materials some individuals may find offensive.

Responsibilities of Internet Users

Information found on the Internet is provided by millions of people and organizations from
around the world. Not all information found in the Internet is accurate, up-to-date, legal or
acceptable to all individuals. The library does not control information found on the Internet
and, therefore, cannot be held responsible for its content. Individuals who use the Internet are responsible for evaluating the validity and appropriateness of the information they access.

In accordance with the library’s “Information Access” guidelines (see above), the library does not monitor an individual’s use of the Internet; nor does the library utilize filtering software.

Library Home Pages & Links

The library home pages, accessed at, are designed and maintained by library
staff. The library assumes responsibility only for the information provided on its home pages.

The library’s home pages also feature links to other Internet sites. In choosing sources to link, staff follows the library’s materials selection guidelines. The library has not participated in the development of these other sites and does not exert any editorial or other control over the sites. Links are not endorsements of these sites and the library assumes no responsibility for these sites.

Internet Access and Use

The library does not provide e-mail accounts; however, patrons may access their free, Webbased e-mail accounts through library terminals.

The use of library terminals for the transmission, dissemination and /or duplication of
information is regulated by state and federal laws. All library users must comply with these
laws. Library policy forbids the access of illegal material on its terminals.

Internet Use by Minors

As with other library materials, supervision of a child’s use of the Internet is the responsibility of a parent or legal guardian. The library has created home pages for children (Kids’ Path) and young adults (Teen Web) that provide information and links to other web sites designed for these age groups.

Computer Workstations at LAPL

  1. All library facilities offer the public four types of computer workstations:
  • Kids’ Path computers: These have a 30 minute time limit and provide age appropriate learning resources and activities for children. No library card is needed.
  • Catalog and Database Access computers. There is no time limit on these and no library card needed.
  • 15 Minute Internet computers. No library card needed.
  • 1 Hour Internet and Word Processing computers. A library card is required.
  1. To reserve a 1 Hour Internet and Word Processing computer you must have and use a valid Los Angeles Public Library card issued in your name.

Guidelines for Use of Computer Workstations

  1. Printouts from the library’s catalog are free. Printouts from other databases are 25 cents per page.
  1. Library staff may limit the number of patrons using the same terminal.
  1. Patrons must:
  • not remove privacy screens;
  • not save files on hard drives or C drives;
  • not disconnect any computer cables;
  • not shut off computers;
  • not damage computer equipment or software;
  • not engage in harassing or defamatory activity on-line;
  • not use terminals for illegal activity.
  1. Violation of these guidelines may result in the loss of computer access. Unlawful activities will be reported to library security or the Los Angeles Police Department and will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Wireless Laptop Access

802.11g/n/ac wireless access is available to laptop users at all library facilities. Laptops must
have DHCP enabled. LAPL staff cannot assist in setting up personal laptops to work with the
wireless access. Users must agree to “Terms of Use” before going online.