1. Where do I find my card number and what is my PIN number?

The PIN number is the last four digits of the phone number on file at school.
back of the Student Success card

2. How do I change my PIN number and other information in my Student Success Card account?

Visit your local branch to change your PIN number and make any other changes to the information on your account.

3. How do I use the online tutoring service?

Use this link to find the online tutoring service.

4. How do I download and stream e-books, music, and movies?

Use this link to find all of our digital e-books, music, and movies.

5. Are there any fees for books checked out on a Student Success Card that are returned late?

No, there are no fines or fees for late or lost books.

6. Do I need to register or activate my Student Success Card?

No, your card is ready to use.

7. Can I use my Student Success Card to log onto one of the library computers?

Yes, your Student Success Card allows you to log onto the library computers.

8. How do I get a replacement Student Success Card?

Visit any Los Angeles Public Library branch to get a replacement card.

9. Is there a fee to replace a Student Success Card?

No, there is no fee to replace a lost or damaged Student Success Card.

10. If I owe money on a regular card, can I still get or use a Student Success Card?

Yes, if you owe money on a regular card you can still get and use a Student Success Card.