Must you Go? My Life with Harold Pinter

In conversation with Howard Rodman
Monday, November 8, 2010
Episode Summary
The acclaimed historian offers a love story, an intimate account of the life of a major artist, and an exercise in self-revelation, based on thirty-three years of marriage.

Participant(s) Bio
Antonia Fraser is the author of many internationally bestselling historical works, including Love and Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette, which was made into a film by Sofia Coppola, The Wives of Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scots, and Faith and Treason: the Gunpowder Plot. She has received the Wolfson Prize for History, the 2000 Norton Medlicott Medal of Britain's Historical Association, and the Franco-British Society's Enid McLeod Literary prize.

Howard A. Rodman wrote Savage Grace, nominated for best screenplay at the 2009 Spirit Awards, and August, starring Josh Hartnett and David Bowie. He also wrote Joe Gould's Secret, the opening night film of Sundance 2000. He is a professor of screenwriting at USC's School of Cinematic Arts; serves on the Board of the Writers Guild of America, West; and has been Artistic Director of the Sundance Screenwriting Labs. Rodman is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and of the Los Angeles Institute of the Humanities.