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Hanya Yanagihara and Matthew Specktor: A Little Life: A Novel

In conversation with Matthew Specktor
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Episode Summary


One of the most talked-about books of last year (nominated for the Man Booker Prize and The National Book Award), A Little Life is a profoundly bold epic about love and friendship in the twenty-first century. Yanagihara follows the tragic and transcendent lives of four men—an architect, painter, actor and lawyer—who meet as college roommates and move to New York to spend the next three decades adrift, buoyed only by their friendship and ambition. Join Yanagihara for an intimate look at this masterful depiction of heartbreak and brotherly love.

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Participant(s) Bio


Hanya Yanigihara is the author of The People in the Trees. She lives in New York City.

Matthew Specktor is the author of the novels American Dream Machine and That Summertime Sound, as well as a nonfiction book of film criticism. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Harper’s, The Paris Review, The Believer, and numerous other periodicals and anthologies. He is a founding editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books.