Collaboration & Innovation: Mixografia’s Revolutionary Printmaking

Lea, Luis and Shaye Remba
In Conversation With Jessica Strand and featuring the work of Los Angeles based artist Analia Saban
Thursday, November 19, 2020
Episode Summary

In the first program of a new two-part series on Collaboration & Innovation, ALOUD is excited to explore the rich history of one of L.A.’s foremost artistic workshops. Mixografia is a fine arts printer and publisher founded and run by the Remba family for three generations. Moving from Mexico City to Los Angeles, Mixografia’s three-dimensional printing technique has evolved over 40 years to expand printmaking possibilities for artists and to make art more accessible through its innovative print runs. How does such technology impact art? What does it mean for an artist to have their vision altered by the creative process? In a live conversation with ALOUD's Jessica Strand, we’ll consider the nuanced collaboration between printer and artist like Analia Saban that pushes the limits of what printmaking can be. How has the work of the artist been transformed through their relationship with Mixografia? We’ll also look back in an original ALOUD video segment at the Remba family’s journey to Los Angeles and how they revolutionized the art of printmaking while building community around a creative process. Join us for this intimate look at collaboration from a local studio that has reached audiences all over the world.

Participant(s) Bio

Mixografia is a fine arts printer and publisher based in Los Angeles, California. Mixografia® expands the realm of printmaking by incorporating dimensionality and relief into a traditionally two-dimensional medium. Mixografia produces prints using custom print and papermaking machinery designed and built in-house to fit the specific needs of each artist and artwork. Mixografia aims to provide every artist with a collaborative and enriching experience, accommodating each artist’s unique style and vision. Our gallery space exhibits artworks produced by the workshop, which highlight both new releases and artworks made since 1969. This includes the largest lithographic stone in the world. Mixografia enriches the field of contemporary printmaking by continuing to innovate and bring creative energy to every project the workshop undertakes.