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LAPL Blogs:

¡Hoy es día de San Valentín! Celébralo con esta lista de canciones románticas que puedes descargar gratis con tu tarjeta de la biblioteca y nuestro servicio Freegal Music.

Valentine's day is here! Suprise your valentine with a personalized digital mix tape. Here's a list of great love songs you can download using your library card and our free service Freegal Music.

We are proud to share that Los Angeles Central Library was recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy for reducing energy costs by 20 percent through the Better Buildings Challenge and with our partner, the city's General Services Department!

We were honored to host a tour of Central Library’s energy improvements for U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency Kathleen Hogan and for leaders of the City’s General Services Department. Here are some photos from their visit and from the Energy Innovation Awards ceremony.

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it!  So here's a sweet treat for you courtesy of Sara Teasdale, an American poet who lived from 1884-1933.   Teasdale (pictured above) hailed from St. Louis and moved to New York in 1916 with her husband Ernst Filsinger.   In 1918, she became the first woman to be awarded the Columbia University Poetry Society Prize (better known today as the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry).

What better way to celebrate Cupid's favorite month than with some lovely poetry?  Sure, I could have plastered up a big ol' list of books, but a wonderfully written poem is a delicacy to be savored.  So all February long, I'll be serving up one love poem a week in this very spot.

All of these poems are in the public domain, so don't expect to see any super-new stuff.  But love is a timeless topic, don't you think?  And these master works certainly capture the universal aspects of romantic love.

It's hard to believe that one architect could be the man behind so many quintessential Los Angeles buildings, but John Parkinson left a long list of landmarks that we all still enjoy, including City Hall, Bullock's Wilshire, Union Station, Memorial Coliseum, many buildings at USC, the Alexandria Hotel, and the Homer Laughlin Building which famously houses Grand Central Market.
Union Station
All of this was a far cry from his humble be

Tired of wandering around 16,560 square feet of stacks in Business & Economics Department looking for the 338’s?  Let us help -- reset your LAPL-GPS mapping system with our new transportation themed bookshelf signage.  The department has renamed major sections of the book stacks according to the Los Angeles freeway system and other major transportation byways.  We completed this major transportation project on time and on budget, without spending a dime of Federal shovel-ready stimulus dollars.