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Photo of Sergei Prokofiev
Keith Chaffee, April 23, 2018

Sergei Prokofiev was born on April 27, 1891. Prokofiev was one of the most popular composers of the 20th century, with important works that are part of the standard repertoire in nearly every genre – symphony, opera, ballet, piano music, chamber music.

photo of the earth from space
Eileen Ybarra, April 22, 2018

The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, launched the modern environmental movement and spurred the passage of several important environmental laws. People took part in marches, teach-ins, rallies, and speeches across the country.

Photo of Nick Hornby and some of his books
Keith Chaffee, April 17, 2018

On April 17, 1957, Nick Hornby was born. Hornby is a novelist, screenwriter, and critic whose recurring themes include the emotional resonance of pop music and the lives of men who haven't quite made the transition to adulthood.

Herbie Mann playing his flute
Keith Chaffee, April 16, 2018

On April 16, 1930, Herbie Mann was born. Mann was a jazz flutist whose blending of jazz with other styles was often looked down on by jazz purists, but made him one of the best-selling jazz musicians of his era.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shoots his famous skyhook shot
Keith Chaffee, April 16, 2018

On April 16, 1947, Lew Alcindor was born; he would later change his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Abdul-Jabbar is one of the greatest players basketball has ever known; since his retirement, he has focused much of his time on writing.

collage of movie posters
Eileen Ybarra, April 13, 2018

If you are interested in independent, international, classic, or documentary films, then Kanopy is for you.

Coachella Valley image with album covers
Tina Lerno, April 13, 2018

The very first Coachella Festival was held over the course of two days in October 1999. It was developed by Rick Van Santen and Paul Tolett of Goldenvoice, who wanted to start a music festival similar to British and European festivals such as Glastonbury and Roskilde.

Haiku Poetry written in Japanese characters
Keith Chaffee, April 10, 2018

April is National Poetry Month. We take the opportunity to celebrate one of the most popular poetic forms, the haiku.

Collage of selected recordings
Keith Chaffee, April 09, 2018

In 2000, Congress created the National Recording Preservation Board, an agency of the Library of Congress, to select titles each year for a National Recording Registry.

College of images of First Olympic Games
Keith Chaffee, April 03, 2018

On April 6, 1896, the first modern Olympic Games were opened in Athens, Greece.