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Friends of the Library

The Los Angeles Public Library has many community support organizations which work with the library to raise funds and sponsor programs to enhance library service throughout the community.

For information about joining a group, please contact the indicated agency. Normally, ask for the Senior Librarian at each branch library, or the Department Manager of a Central Library Subject Department.

The Los Angeles Public Library provides links to the Web sites of Friends of the Library groups as an aid for those wishing to support the library. The Los Angeles Public Library does not endorse the information presented on these sites nor does it accept responsibility for the accuracy or content of any of these sites.

Overall Support Groups

Central Library Support Groups

  • Docents
    Docents provide tours to the public and work on volunteer projects at the Central Library. Contact the Docent Office for more information (213) 228-7283.
  • BEST Friends
    Supports the Business and Economics and Science, Technology, and Patents Departments. Call (213) 228-7401 for more information.
  • Bruckman Rare Book Friends
    Supports the Rare Books Room, and purchases special items for Central Library Departments.  The group sponsors a speaker series and monthly book sales.  Bruckman Friends is named after the Library's first Collection Development Officer, John D. Bruckman, a noted bookman who was instrumental in developing the Rare Book Collection.  Email address:
  • Culinary Historians of Southern California
    Provide public programs of the role of food in society, and support the culinary collections at Central Library. Visit their Web site for more information.
    The Friends of Children and Literature brings children, books, and authors together through special events and programs at the Central Library. Also established the FOCAL Award which is presented annually to an author or illustrator for a creative work which enriches a child's appreciation for and understanding of California.
  • Photo Friends
    Supports activities related to the historic photograph collection at Central Library, publishes a newsletter called “Lasting Images,” and has sponsored the award-winning Shades of LA project, which documents ethnic communities in Los Angeles. Contact the History and Genealogy Department for information.

Branch Library Support Groups Sites

 This is a list of Friends groups with Web or Facebook sites.  These sites are not part of the LAPL site, and the Library is not responsible for the content on them. To find out if your local branch has a Friends group, ask your librarian.