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L.A. in Focus Videos

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"L.A. in Focus" is a series of lectures presented by Photo Friends and the Photo Collection of the Los Angeles Public Library, spotlighting images from the Library's collection and unique stories of L.A. history.

L.A. In Focus: Iconic Vision
Stephen Gee, author of "Iconic Vision: John Parkinson, Architect of Los Angeles", discusses the life and work of this prolific architect.

L.A. in Focus: Shades of L.A. Revisited
Kathy Kobayashi, co-architect of Shades of L.A. takes a look back at the landmark project, which was launched in 1991 and resulted in a compelling image archive from diverse Southern California families, copied by Photo Friends from family albums for the LAPL Photo Collection.

L.A. in Focus: Artful Lives: Edward Weston, Margrethe Mather, and the Bohemians of Los Angeles
Beth Gates Warren, author of "Artful Lives: Edward Weston, Margrethe Mather, and the Bohemians of Los Angeles" (J. P. Getty Museum, 2011) discusses the personal and profession relationship between the two photographers early on in Weston's career.

L.A. in Focus: Harlow in Hollywood
Jean Harlow historian Darrell Rooney, co-author of "Harlow In Hollywood," discusses and presents images on the behind the scenes life of Jean Harlow and the city that helped mold her.

L.A. in Focus - Making Waves: Modernist Photographs by Japanese Americans, Los Angeles, 1920-1940
Dennis Reed, Emeritus Professor of Art at Los Angeles Valley College, discusses the modernist works of Japanese American photographers in Los Angeles, much of which was destroyed or lost during the relocation in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing.

LA in Focus: Sleeping Beauties; Deranged L.A. Crimes from the Notebook of Aggie Underwood
Writer and social historian Joan Renner explores the dark side of Southern California with material drawn from two fascinating stories covered by legendary Los Angeles newswoman, Agness “Aggie” Underwood.

LA In Focus: Turnabout Puppet Theatre
Historian J. Eric Lynxwiler presents the history of the Yale Puppeteers and Turnabout Theater, a Los Angeles tale unlike any other.

L.A. in Focus:Tales of the Herald Examiner
Former photographers of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner share photos and stories from their time at the legendary newspaper that folded in 1989.



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