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LAPL Blogs:

Since today is National Aviation Day, let's take a brief look at Charles Lindbergh.  Like some of you, I’m sure, I was only passingly familiar with the story of Charles Lindbergh.  I’d never done any extensive reading or research on the man or his historic solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927, so I found the details of his story told in One Summer to be fascinating.

Stamp collecting is an extremely popular and diversified hobby with around 60 million collectors. Approximately 5 million people in the United States are stamp collectors. The hobby is also very popular in Great Britain, China, India, and Singapore. It is estimated that China alone has one-third of the world’s collectors.


“Popular culture represents a common denominator, something that cuts across most economic, social and educational barriers.”- Edward Jay Whetmore

I have always felt it was a shame that so many maps and the stories they tell are buried in drawers where no one can hear them. Over the past decade and a half I have been able to let some of these cartographic stories see the light of day in exhibits and through the flawed magic of the Internet.

The postage stamp may fit in the palm of the hand, but the information it may visually convey may extend far and wide, as it is the case with Stamps around the World, a month-long exhibition in the International Languages department. Here’s a closer look at some of the stamps. 


In case you missed it, we’ve started a history book club.  The History Lovers Book Club is a virtual book discussion group offering readers a convenient way to connect with others who love history and books.  It’s great for readers with busy lives and those who like to read at their own pace. 

The LAPL Docents invite you to a free tour of our magnificent library at 5th and Grand. We call it an Art & Architecture tour because you’ll see the unique blend of modern and classical architecture as envisioned by Bertram Goodhue, the classic sculpture of Lee Lawrie, the precisely painted ceilings of Julian Garnsey and glimpses of the many collections housed in this one library.