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Two book covers
Julie Shu, December 21, 2017

歡迎借閲中文新書! 如果您要的書已被借走,您可以預定 (place a hold), 也可要求把書送到您附近的分舘。
如您需了解如何查閲圖書館其它中文書籍, 或您有購書建議, 請聯係

World Cinema Series ~ Celebrating Shakespeare
David Turshyan, January 09, 2017

Here is a riddle from Shakespeare: “The more I give to thee, the more I have.” Who speaks these words and what do they mean? Shakespeare’s plays, more than any other author’s works in world literature, have been adapted on screen since the birth of cinema.

Keumsook Hahn, December 02, 2016

Los Angeles Public Library is commemorating 400 years of Shakespeare with programs, film screenings, and an exhibit at Central Library from November 2016 to February 2017.

David Turshyan, November 30, 2016

“All my best is dressing old words new,” writes William Shakespeare in one of his sonnets. Let’s consider an expression –  “to kiss away” – from the play Antony and Cleopatra –  “We have kissed away kingdoms and provinces.” (Act 3, scene 10).

Chinese New Books - November 2016
Julie Shu, November 29, 2016

中文新書 – 2016年11月
Chinese New Books – November 2016

歡迎借閲中文新書! 如果您要的書已被借走,您可以預定 (place a hold), 並可要求把書
如您需了解如何查閲圖書館其它中文書籍, 或您有購書建議, 請聯係

Chinese New Books - October 2016
Julie Shu, October 13, 2016

中文新書 - 2016.10 
Chinese New Books - 10.2016

歡迎借閲中文新書! 如果您要的書已被借走,您可以預定 (place a hold), 也可要求把書送到您附近的分舘。
如您需了解如何查閲圖書館其它中文書籍, 或您有購書建議, 請聯係

Chinese Simplified Character Books  2014 - 2016
Julie Shu, October 04, 2016

简体字中文书 2014 - 2016年
Chinese Simplified Character Books  2014 - 2016

欢迎借阅中文新书! 如果您要的书已被借走,您可以預定 (place a hold), 也可要求把书
如您需了解如何查閲图书馆其它中文书籍, 或您有购书建议, 请联系

Korean New Books

한국어 신간 도서(새로 들어온 책)

Julie Shu, August 13, 2016

中文新書 - 2016.8 
Chinese New Books - 8.2016

Teresa Mons, August 10, 2016

Los Angeles has been a multi-cultural, polyglot city from the earliest times.