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Christina Rice, Senior Librarian, Photo Collection



Los Angeles Street Names: The Past Coinciding with the Present

September 20, 2016

In a city as a diverse as Los Angeles, there is one thing we almost all have in common - traffic. While stuck at intersections or on freeways, pondering the heritage of our fair city is probably not on the forefront of everyone's minds.


Celebrating the Career of Greg Louganis Through the Lens of the Herald Examiner

June 01, 2016

The 1984 Olympic Summer Games were a considerable success for the United States as both a host and competitor.


The Legacy of the Central Library Fire

April 28, 2016

On the morning of April 29, 1986, librarian Dan Dupill was answering telephone calls at the Literature Reference Desk at Central Library.


Going for the Gold: African Americans and the 1984 Olympic Summer Games

February 02, 2016

As we look towards the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Brazil this summer and possibly a Los Angeles-hosted Olympics in 2024, it's hard to not look back at the 1984 Summer Games which was one of the city's crowning achievements. During two weeks in late July/e


Celebrating Women's Heritage Month with the Canoga Rockettes

March 01, 2016

The post-War era brought exponential growth to the San Fernando Valley, transforming the region into the quintessential suburbs.


A History of Latino Activism in Los Angeles

September 15, 2015

The influence of Latino heritage and culture has long been prevalent in the city of Los Angeles. This includes a history of activism relating to causes at the local, state, national, and international levels.


Pride in the Face of Adversity: How the Herald Examiner Covered the LGBT Community in Los Angeles

June 01, 2015

As a mainstream news outlet in the 20th Century, it's probably not surprising that the Los Angeles Herald Express (later Herald Examiner) newspaper gave little coverage to the LGBT community.


Celebrating African American History Month with the LAPL Photo Collection

January 30, 2015

Activist Malcolm X appears as a spectator during a 1964 court trial in Los Angeles. (Herald Examiner Collection)


LAPL Photo Collection: Year End Review

December 30, 2014

Over at the LAPL Photo Collection, we were full steam ahead as always in 2014; processing collections, digitizing photos, acquiring new collections, mounting exhibits, coordinating programs, and assisting patrons with research and orders.

Valley Times: Sherman Oaks Edition!

November 26, 2014
During the post-World War II era, the San Fernando Valley came to exemplify the explosion of suburban growth that was taking place on the outskirts of major metropolitan areas throughout the country. The Valley Times