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Online Historical Newspaper Research at the Los Angeles Public Library

David B., Librarian, InfoNow,

 The Los Angeles Public Library has many archival newspaper databases. You can find these resources by going to the Research and Homework  page on the LAPL website. Select “Newspapers” as a subject, and click on  the “Find It” button.

Research and Homework

 The Los Angeles Times has the largest circulation of any newspaper in  Southern California. LAPL subscribes to two Times databases:

 Los Angeles Times Historical Archives (ProQuest) is acessible from any computer via the web, LAPL Library Card required. Digitized reproduction of the Los Angeles Times from its beginnings. Currently contains 1881-1990. Searchable by (keywords, author's names, articles, dates, etc.) or browseable by full page or issue. Includes  photos, graphics and advertisements.

 Los Angeles Times (ProQuest)  is accessible from any computer via the web, LAPL Library Card required.  Extensive coverage of national, international, and local news, 1985-current.

 The Los Angeles Sentinel is the flagship newspaper of the local African-American community:

 Los Angeles Sentinel Historical Archive is accessible from any computer via the web, LAPL Library Card required.  Browse complete issues, cover to cover. Search by more than 20 article  types, keyword, date ranges, specific dates, author, and more. View  news articles, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries, cartoons, and more for added context. Print and download articles and images in PDF format.

 Proquest Newsstand provides access to major newspapers around the world. It has digital archives for the second and third most widely read newspapers in Los Angeles, La Opinion and the Los Angeles Daily News   ;

 ProQuest Newsstand is accessible from any computer via the web, LAPL Library Card required. Full text of over 300 U.S. and International news sources, including the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, Sentinel, Orange County Register, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal,  Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, Boston Globe, Atlanta Journal/Constitution, Sacramento Bee, and the Times of London.

Access Newspaper Archives has extensive coverage of small town newspapers throughout the United States:

Access Newspaper Archives is acessible from any computer via the web, LAPL Library Card required. Contains millions of searchable historic newspaper pages, dating as far back as the 1700s from around the world. Archives are not complete runs of newspapers.

Please call InfoNow at 213-228-7272 for further assistance with your online newspaper research.

Microfilm copies of newspapers are carried by the Central Library and can be accessed in any Central Library Subject Department. Please contact the Central Library, 213-228-7272,  to confirm our holdings.