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Lesbian Literature

Updated: September 27, 2012

Writing that primarily features lesbian characters and lifestyle.

by Garden, Nancy.
Nancy Garden's groundbreaking story of two high school girls falling in love and dealing with the reactions of their parents and community by holding tighter to each other.

by Walker, Alice, 1944-
Call Number: Ed.f
Celie is a poor, black woman in 1930s American south whose relentless abuse by the men in her life threaten to make this story a tragedy. But tenacity, a momentous character evolution, and the kindness (and love) of women transform her into one of the greatest female characters in literature.

by Waters, Sarah, 1966-
Victorian England is the setting for this tale of pickpockets, orphaned girls, and depraved morality. A prince-and-the-pauper sort of spin backed by meticulous historical research makes this love story compelling, gritty and full of surprises.

by Flagg, Fannie.
Idgy and Ruth open a restaurant in early-1900s southern America and, although they deal with conflicts ranging from the Ku Klux Klan to spousal abuse, their life is a love story accepted unquestionably by their community. The friends-turned-lovers element is more explicitly defined in the book than it was in the movie, and this is a sweet story about coming-of-age and a meeting of soul mates.

by Highsmith, Patricia, 1921-1995.
Call Number: Ed.a

A struggling department store salesgirl becomes enamored with a wealthy suburban sophisticate in 1950s New York City. Stylish Carol and ingénue Therese make a thrilling (yet dysfunctional) twosome in this lesbian take on a classic romance.

by Brown, Rita Mae.
Call Number: Ed.d
Molly is a poor, southern tomboy who has to fight for everything, and she does so with humor and self-confidence, even when she discovers she prefers women to men. One of the foremost coming-of-age stories for American lesbians, this book blew the lid off the women's movement when it was published in the early 70s and still has touching moments (especially the first half of the book).