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Christian Fiction

Updated: January 29, 2013

These novels incorporate religious, inspirational themes and Christian characters into stories that can range in genre from mainstream fiction to science fiction to historical romance to mystery. These stories do not contain profanity, strong violence, or explicit sexual content.

Hake, Cathy Marie.

Running away from her fiancé, Lady Sydney Hathwell accepts her uncle's invitation for his nephew to reside on his Texas ranch. Dressed as a young man, she arrives, she is greeted by Big Tim, her Uncle's foreman, who is determined to turn the girly Sydney into a ranch hand. What will happen when Sydney's true identity is reveled? Hake writes a historical romantic comedy that you can't put down.

Alexander, Tamera.
Fiesty Elizabeth Westbrook is determined to make her name as a photographer, not just as the Senator's daughter, when she travels to the Colorado Territory. She meets Daniel Ranslett, a former Confederate sharpshooter haunted by memories of the Civil War, who agrees to be her guide. As they journey through the Territory together both Elizabeth and Daniel's lives intertwine a way they never expected.

Witemeyer, Karen.
Sheep rancher Gideon Westcott hires outspoken Adelaide Proctor as a governess for his mute ward, Bella. He and Adelaide learn the sacrifices of love when Bella's uncle schemes to gain control of Bella and her inheritance. Witemeyer writes a romantic historical novel that is action-packed and hard to put down.

Peterson, Tracie.
Wealthy socialite Mia Stanley has two passions in life: one is matchmaking, the other writing for Godey's Lady Book Magazine. But while researching a story about seamen's wives, she becomes entangled in a sinister plot. Peterson writes a wonderful historical romance with subtle lesson on faith and well-developed characters.

Byrd, Sandra.
Lexi Stuart's life is in a rut until the owner of her favorite French bakery, the very attractive Luc, hires her as the new counter help. But all is almost lost, when in a attempt to

Gist, Deeanne.
Tillie, head parlormaid at the Vanderbilt Mansion in Ashville, NC, has been studying for years to take over the position of lady's maid to Mrs. Vanderbilt. When she is enlisted to help Mack, a handsome mountain man with a tragic past, learn how to become a footman, Tillie begins to question her career choice while trying to discern God's will. Gist's tells a romantic story while addressing the stark realities of upper class, working, and poor families in the early 20th century.

Carlson, Melody.
Getting over a breakup, Gretchen Hanover, decides to flip a house. However, the task is more than she expected, and in order to finish the task before her short-term loan is due, she hires carpenter Noah Campbell. Carlson gently weaves comedy, romance and spirituality into this novel.

Klassen, Julie.
Olivia Keen arrives at home to find her father strangling her mother. In a heroic moment, she saves her mother, but is forced to flee to avoid arrest. On her way to a safe haven, she observes a gala of the local nobility, and overhears a secret that threatens the local Lord Bradley. In order to keep his secret safe, Lord Bradley threatens her into accepting a position in his household as his children's nurse. Klassen writes a Regency romance full of suspense, mystery and forgiveness.