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These podcasts are recorded live in Los Angeles Central Library's Mark Taper Auditorium as part of the award-winning ALOUD at Central Library speaker series presented by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. ALOUD podcasts are updated on a weekly basis. Initial funding for ALOUD podcasts was made possible by Arent Fox LLP.


Pankaj Mishra
October 1, 2012
Fiction/Literature, Social Sci/Politics
Mark Essen, Tracy Fullerton
September 27, 2012
Arts & Entertainment, Business/Tech
Salman Rushdie
September 24, 2012
Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature
Robert Hass
September 14, 2012
Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, Mia Carli, Paul Lieber, Angela Peñaredondo, Verónica Reyes, Rolland Vasin
July 24, 2012
Ilan Hall, Judy Han, John Rivera Sedlar, Ricardo Zarate, Patricia Zarate
July 17, 2012
Arts & Entertainment, California/The West
Joy Harjo
July 10, 2012
Arts & Entertainment, Essay/Memoir
July 9, 2012
Janet Fitch, Dana Spiotta
June 28, 2012
California/The West, Fiction/Literature
Daniel Alarcon
June 26, 2012
Arts & Entertainment, Essay/Memoir
David Kipen, Gray Brechin
June 21, 2012
California/The West, Fiction/Literature, History/Bio
Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
June 19, 2012
Fiction/Literature, Science/Nature
Richard Montoya, Myriam Gurba, Erin Aubry Kaplan, Philip Littell, Héctor Tobar, Brenda Varda, Alie Ward
June 13, 2012
California/The West, Essay/Memoir, History/Bio
Gail Collins
June 12, 2012
Business/Tech, Fiction/Literature, Social Sci/Politics
Kathleen Dean Moore, Craig Childs
June 6, 2012
California/The West, Fiction/Literature, Science/Nature
Richard Ford
May 31, 2012
Arlie Hochschild
May 24, 2012
Business/Tech, Fiction/Literature, Social Sci/Politics
David Eagleman
May 15, 2012
Fiction/Literature, Social Sci/Politics
Author Alison Bechdel
Alison Bechdel
May 10, 2012
Arts & Entertainment, Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature
Terry Tempest Williams
May 9, 2012
Javier Sicilia
Javier Sicilia, Betto Arcos
April 26, 2012
Essay/Memoir, Social Sci/Politics
Slavoj Zizek
April 24, 2012
Fiction/Literature, Religion/Spirituality, Social Sci/Politics
Adam Mansbach, Ricardo Cortés, Jenna Elfman
April 19, 2012