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The Grand Old Tree | The Nutcracker Doll | The Strange Egg

Monday, October 20, 2008
Episode Summary
Mary Newell DePalma reads from her books \"The Grand Old Tree\", \"The Nutcracker Doll\" and \"The Strange Egg\".

Participant(s) Bio
Mary Newell DePalma is the author and illustrator of three children's books: "The Strange Egg," a whimsical tale of wonder, curiosity, and friendship; A Grand Old Tree, a simple and beautiful tale about life itself; and The Nutcracker Doll, based on the true story of her daughter Kepley's role in the Boston Ballet Nutcracker. Mary has also illustrated more than a dozen books for other authors. She loves to draw, and she thinks she has drawn just about everything, including eyeballs, cans of shrimp, mice, matchsticks and dogs in swimsuits. When she is not drawing she likes to look for frogs in her garden in Boston Massachusetts. Mary has a daughter named Kepley and a son, husband, and father-in-law all named Alphonse!

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