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See Uke at the Library!

Go ahead, admit it: you’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument. Maybe you tried the piano when you were a kid, but it was too hard. Maybe you received a guitar for Christmas one year, but it just collected dust in your closet. Introducing: the ukulele! This low-key instrument is a great "gateway" instrument to begin your journey with musical adventure. In recent years, libraries everywhere have begun expanding their collections to include non-traditional items for checkout by users, including everything from musical instruments to gardening tools.

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Manga Lovers Unite! Happy New Year / マンガラバーズ団結せよ! あけおめことよろ(あけましておめでとう)編

Happy New Year!

In Japan, we eat "Osechi" on New Year's Day. Osechi are easily recognizable by their special stackable boxes called jūbako. They look similar to bentō boxes, but usually come in three tiers. Each food has its own meaning, and eating these in the New Year is said to bring health and happiness for the months ahead. Today I'd like to introduce some delicious manga. In Japan, it is a category called "gourmet manga". 

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