Tell Me Everythingby Sarah Enni is a book that doesn’t fail to entrance me and present me with the heartfelt portrayal of Ivy’s journey in navigating her relationships, both old and new. Throughout the story, unbeknownst to herself, Ivy takes steps to do things for others—all because of the anonymous app called VEIL. She is also growing out of her shell and slowly changing for the better. However, things start to collapse—all because of her—she needs to take the necessary steps to walk out of her shell to fix what she broke.

This story does an excellent job at revealing things about each of the characters that, while they feel surprising, also feel very real. Enni is a writer that can gradually build up her feelings and make them think multifaceted rather than one-dimensional. As a result, as each part of the story unfolds, everything—from the little details to the settings—manages to all fall right into place. As this is written from Ivy’s perspective, it only works to support the story-building even further since we, as the readers, are alongside her, able to feel what she feels about the new things she is learning.

This book by Sarah Enni would most likely appeal to younger teens working their way through high school. By reading this book, they might relate to the joys that come from social media and their family and the challenges that come with it.

Review by: Hailey Rafols

Hailey is a virtual volunteer at Sylmar Branch Library. She is a 10th grader at Bishop Alemany High School.

—Dana Eklund, Sylmar Branch Library