Syro is the sixth album created by the popular artist Aphex Twin. This album was recorded over a period of a few years and is an electronic album. It has a mix of tracks that are extremely enjoyable, some that are incredible, and some that are average or bad. It is a very mixed album, but when it has the opportunity to shine, it does so in an extravagant manner. A notable track is "Produk 29", which feels very similar to the older works of Aphex Twin. The track is quick and action-packed but begins with an interesting, semi-calm introduction. Another notable track and probably the magnum opus of this album is "Aisatana [102]." It’s a very simple and relaxing song, but it creates a great sense of exhilaration as the same few notes and chords are repeated with beautiful connection and legato. I feel that whenever Richard James (the real name behind Aphex Twin) creates more calm music, he has the opportunity to reach another world of creativity. His most notable calming songs include "Aisatana [102]," "Rhubarb," "Avril 14th", and "#3".

Overall, Syro isn’t a bad album—certain tracks shine incredibly and some didn’t reach me. Overall it is worth listening to, and if the first few tracks don’t stick with you, I feel at least "Aisatana [102]" is truly worth listening to. As a track, I believe more people might be able to enjoy it rather than the album as a whole for those who don’t have much interest in electronic music.

Review by: Nathan E.

Nathan is a virtual volunteer at Sylmar Branch Library. He is an 11th grader at Discovery Charter High School.

—Dana Eklund, Sylmar Branch Library