In 10 Hours to Go, Keely Parrack tells a compelling story of a horrific vehicle ride. Lily, a young woman in Oregon during a wildfire warning, really wants to go home. After discovering that Natasha's passenger is Elke Azizi, the girl she was expelled from school years ago, Lily's travel back to California becomes a terrifying ordeal. Old wounds reappear, and grudges simmer, creating tension. Every choice is life-or-death, with wildfires coming. After detouring from the main road, the group is lost in the harsh countryside.

10 Hours to Go masterfully balances loyalty, treachery, and redemption in a natural calamity. Lily, Natasha, and Elke's complex relationship reveals vulnerability as they face their shared history and uncertain future. The author brilliantly creates suspense, keeping readers on edge as the characters face danger at every turn. Each shot, from the car's crackling tension to the forest's strange flames, powerfully depicts the heart-pounding sprint for escape. 10 Hours to Go is a story of resilience and camaraderie that survives seemingly insurmountable odds. This novel's fascinating characters, high-stakes plot, and evocative setting will keep readers hooked until the last page.

Review by: Erick R.

Erick is a volunteer at Sylmar Branch Library. He is a 12th grader at Vaughn International Study Academy.

—Dana Eklund, Sylmar Branch Library