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All the truth that's in me

Berry, Julie, 1974-
Call Number: YA

The missing person in this case is Judith, who returned to her village after disappearing for two years, her tongue cut out, her friend Lottie who disappeared with her found dead in a nearby river. Shunned by her village, unable to speak, the mystery of what happened to her unravels as her village is being attacked and she silently reveals the truth to the boy she once had a crush on. 

Beauty queens

Bray, Libba.
Call Number: YA

Also available for download as an e-book

Also available for download as an e-audiobook

When a plane full of teen beauty queens crash lands on a (mostly) deserted island what will become of them? Will they devolve into an all girl reenactment of Lord of the Flies anti-civilization? Be eaten alive by wild animals? Meet up with some reality show pirates and stop a major coup? Prepare to be amazed by this delicious, feisty satire.

Bone Gap

Ruby, Laura
Call Number: YA

Set in the rural farm town of Bone Gap, Illinois from where the mysterious Polish Roza disappears just as curiously as she arrived leaving 16-year-old Finn feeling responsible for letting her go with a strange man. While the people of Bone Gap, including his older brother Sean, don't believe him and feel certain she ran away, Finn must cope with his feelings of guilt over the knowledge that he allowed her to be kidnapped and becomes determined to find her.

Don't look back

Armentrout, Jennifer L.
Call Number: YA

Samantha gets a second chance at life when she emerges from the wilderness having lost her memory with no recollection of the very mean, popular girl she once was. But her friend Cassie is still missing. As her memory returns, Samantha’s recalls who she once was and what happened to Cassie.

Looking for Alaska

Green, John, 1977-
Call Number: Ed.a

When Miles Halter transfers to Culver Creek Boarding School he gravitates to the exciting, free-spirited Alaska Young, who pulls him into her world. Her disappearance will change Miles’ and his classmates in irrevocable ways.

Love in the time of global warming

Block, Francesca Lia.
Call Number: YA

A dystopic modern fairy-tale retelling of The Odyssey in which Pen searches for her family following the big Earth Shaker that separated her from them and destroyed Los Angeles. 

Paper towns

Green, John, 1977-

Margo and Quentin have been neighbors since forever. Margo has always been the free-spirited, popular girl while Quentin was more bookish. But when Margo climbs into his room one evening in full Ninja gear and beckons him on an all-night adventure that requires he drive her around, she disappears the next day leaving a mystery in her wake.

Picture me gone

Rosoff, Meg.
Call Number: YA

When her father’s best friend goes missing from his upstate New York home, Mila and her father travel from London to track him down. Mila, who has a knack for mysteries, slowly pieces together the mystery of Matthew’s disappearance.

She is not invisible

Sedgwick, Marcus.
Call Number: YA

Laureth’s father is supposed to be working on his novel in Austria. So when his notebook shows up in New York and he is nowhere to be found, Laureth steals her mother’s credit card to travel to New York and to track him down, enlisting her younger brother to join her as her guide because she is blind.

Then you were gone

Strasnick, Lauren.
Call Number: YA

Adrienne’s estranged friend Dakota left a strange voicemail for her that she will never return. With Dakota missing, Adrienne’s confusion over having been contacted by someone she hadn’t spoken to in years prompts her to become fixated on tracking her down.

Where Things Come Back: A Novel

Whaley, John Corey
Call Number: YA

Set in rural Arkansas against the backdrop of a potential rare bird sighting that prompts a flurry of attention to his small town, 17-year-old Cullen just wants to get out of this place until a series of events, including the mysterious disappearance of his younger brother, compels him to rethink everything he thought he knew to be true.

Where'd You Go, Bernadette

Semple, Maria

When Bee’s eccentric mother disappears Bee gathers emails, documents and internet postings to try to piece together the events and locate her mom in this witty, off-kilter mystery that takes on the perfectionist tech suburbia of Seattle with just a bit of sinister humor.