Book cover for A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Jackson, Holly
Call Number: YA

Everyone knows Andie was murdered by her boyfriend Sal, everyone except Pip Fitz- Amobbi. For her Senior Capstone Project, Pip decides to investigate the disappearance and murder-suicide that rocked her small town five years ago. As Pip starts digging she starts receiving anonymous threats that only fuel her investigation.

Book cover for Killing November

Killing November

Mather, Adriana
Call Number: YA

The Academy Absconditi is no regular school, it is where the secret society of spies, assassins and masters of disguise learn their craft. When a student is murdered all eyes turn toward the new student, November. As November tries to find her way in her new surroundings she must also catch a killer before the killer catches her.

Book cover for Monday's Not Coming

Monday's Not Coming

Jackson, Tiffany D.
Call Number: YA

Claudia and Monday are best friends and inseparable. However, Monday is nowhere to be found on the first day of school and as the weeks go by she does not appear. Claudia begins a journey to discover where and what happened to her best friend but unfortunately gets no help from anyone including her mother and sister. A dark and deep mystery that looks at how easily people vanish and the effects that it has on a community.

Book cover for Patron Saints of Nothing

Patron Saints of Nothing

Ribay, Randy
Call Number: YA

Jason, a Filipino-American teenage boy wants nothing more than to spend his senior year of high school just playing video games before he has to shift his focus to college. This plan is thwarted by the news that his cousin, a 17 year old teen living in the Philippines is dead. However, things are not adding up and Jason is determined to discover what really happened so he has no other option than to fly to the country where his parents were born to find the truth.

Book cover for Serious Moonlight

Serious Moonlight

Bennett, Jenn
Call Number: YA

Birdie is an avid reader and lifelong mystery enthusiast. When she takes a summer job working the night shift in a historical hotel the pages of her mystery novels come to life. Along with the hotel delivery driver, Daniel, Birdie attempts to uncover the identity of a reclusive writer who is conducting secret meetings in the hotel.

Book cover for Spin


Giles, L. R.
Call Number: e-Book

When a local DJ superstar is found dead amongst her gear, it is up to her best friend Kya and number one fan, Fuse, to find her murderer. But the more Kya and Fuse dig into Paris’ past they uncover her secrets that change everything they thought they knew about Paris.

Book cover for A Study in Charlotte

A Study in Charlotte

Cavallaro, Brittany
Call Number: YA

Jamie Watson just unwillingly transferred to Sherringford Prep. Not only forcing Jamie to leave London and reconnect with his father but also bringing him into direct contact with the notorious Charlotte Holmes. Like her three times great grandfather, Charlotte has some vices. She is brilliant, antagonistic and damaged, which only encourages Jamie to keep a safe distance and not repeat the missteps of the Watsons before him. That is until a fellow student’s mysterious death links Sherlock and Watson together and uncover the true murderer to clear their names.

Book cover for These Witches Don't Burn

These Witches Don't Burn

Sterling, Isabel
Call Number: YA

Hannah spends most of her time keeping a low profile around Salem, Massachusetts. She works, hangs out with friends and most importantly avoids Veronica, her ex. That is until things take a turn at the end of the year bonfire, where a blood ritual sacrifice takes place. Fearing that it may be the same Blood Witch they encountered in New York. Hannah is forced to team up with fellow Elemental Witch, Veronica, and expose the Blood Witch all while protecting their covens anonymity from the townspeople of Salem.

Book cover for This is Our Story

This is Our Story

Elston, Ashley
Call Number: YA

Kate Marino dreads her internship with the district attorney’s office until five teenagers go hunting, and only four come back. Kate’s boss is assigned the case with the instructions make it go away quickly, but no one knows that Kate is linked to the victim and vows to expose his killer. As Kate investigates she learns that Grant might not be the guy she thought she knew. 

Book cover for Truly Devious

Truly Devious

Johnson, Maureen
Call Number: YA

Stevie Bell’s new school has a haunting past, shortly after its opening the founder’s family was kidnapped and a taunting riddle was left in their place. Stevie’s sole motivation for attending Ellingham Academy is to solve the decades old mystery and uncover the identity of Truly, Devious.