The past is never boring in these historical page-turners!

Anastasia and her sisters

Meyer, Carolyn, 1935-
Call Number: YA

The daughter of Russian Tsar Nicholas, Anastasia Romanov lives in unimaginable luxury and suffocating captivity. However, when the Russian people rise up and rebel against the aristocracy, Anastasia’s world is threatened.

Belle epoque

Ross, Elizabeth (Elizabeth Anne).
Call Number: YA

Set in the glamorous, bohemian world of 1880s Paris, this book is about a girl who takes a job with an unusual talent agency that provides “beauty foils” to wealthy aristocrats - hire a plain friend to accompany you to debutante balls and become instantly more attractive!

Code name Verity

Wein, Elizabeth.
Call Number: YA

After two British girls, a pilot and a spy, crash their plane in Nazi-occupied France, the spy is captured and imprisoned by the Germans. She is forced to give up her secrets and reveal her mission in writing. Instead, she tells the story of her friend Maddie, the pilot of the crashed plane, whom she assumes is dead. But nothing can be assumed in this story, and nothing is as it seems.

The Complete Persepolis

Satrapi, Marjane, 1969-
Call Number: 740.9954 S253-3

This volume contains parts 1 and 2 of Satrapi's best-selling memoir, which relates in graphic novel form the story of the author’s childhood and young adult years in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution. A film version of this book came out in 2007.


Dead to me

McCoy, Mary, 1976-
Call Number: YA

Sixteen-year-old Alice is pulled into a world of dangerous movie stars, corrupt police officers, and tough-talking private eyes as she searches for the person who tried to kill her older sister in this mystery set in 1940s Hollywood. This is LAPL Librarian Mary McCoy's first novel.


Smith, Sherri L.

During World War II, 18-year-old Ida Mae Jones passes for white so she can join the Women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs), serve her country, and fulfill her lifelong dream of flying. Smith tells a riveting story about a little-known chapter of World War II history, set against the backdrop of Jim Crow America.

The game of love and death

Brockenbrough, Martha,
Call Number: YA

For centuries, Love and Death have played a game with human pawns: if the humans choose each other against all odds, Love wins; if they don't, Death wins and the players' lives are forfeit. Love has never won, but likes his chances with the players Henry, a white boy adopted by a wealthy family, and Flora, an African-American girl who can sing jazz and fix airplanes. With smart writing, a unique concept, and a dreamy 1930s Seattle setting, this ambitious story will stay with you long after the last page. 

Lies we tell ourselves.

Talley, Robin.
Call Number: YA

As one of the first African American students to attend Jefferson High School in 1959 Virginia, Sarah faces discrimination and abuse on a daily basis. When she and the white daughter of a rabid segregationist are forced to work together on a school project, however, the two girls begin to realize they have feelings for one another.

Never fall down : a boy soldier's story of survival

McCormick, Patricia, 1956-
Call Number: YA

The haunting tale of Arn, who finds out how far he will have to go to survive the takeover of his village by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the 1970s. Death is a constant companion and he wonders why he is spared and if he can keep his humanity in the midst of such confusion and turmoil.

Out of the Easy

Sepetys, Ruta.
Call Number: YA

Life’s not easy in the “Big Easy” for 17-year-old, Josie Moraine, who works two jobs and dreams of going to a prestigious college. She wants a better life for herself rather than to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Her plans to escape New Orleans, her mother, and everybody who looks down on her for being the daughter of a prostitute, is thwarted when her mom skips town following a mysterious murder of a stranger, leaving Josie in debt with the mob.

Prisoner of night and fog

Blankman, Anne.
Call Number: YA

Set in 1930s Munich, 17-year-old Gretchen is her Uncle Dolf’s favorite. But with the help of a young Jewish reporter who’s asking questions about her father’s death years ago (while he was protecting his comrade Adolf Hitler), Gretchen begins to see her family, her party, and her Uncle Dolf in a new light.

Under a painted sky

Lee, Stacey (Stacey Heather).
Call Number: YA

Two teenage girls - one of them Chinese American, the other African American - on the run from the law disguise themselves as boys and set out on the Oregon Trail in this tale of adventure and friendship set during the Gold Rush.