Face to face with sharks

Doubilet, David.
Call Number: x 597 D726

Can you handle the tooth? This picture book features lots of big, glossy photos by brave underwater photographers, useful facts, and a great section about the effort to conserve sharks and their habitats.

If Sharks Disappeared

Williams, Lily, author, illustrator.
Call Number: x 597.3 W724

Even though we often think of them as terrifying, as the apex predators of the oceans, sharks serve a special purpose in nature. Unfortunately, due to overfishing, many shark species are in danger of extinction. This book explores how sharks are an essential part of a healthy ocean, and what might happen if they are gone.


Neighborhood Sharks: Hunting With the Great Whites of California's Farallon Islands

Roy, Katherine
Call Number: x 597.3 R888

The coast of California is home to many sharks, like the Great Whites of the Farallon Islands. Katherine Roy’s illustrations are so beautiful you won’t notice that there aren’t any actual photographs, and this fact-filled book shows why scientists and readers alike find these creatures so frightening and fascinating!

Please Be Nice to Sharks: Fascinating Facts About the Ocean's Most Misunderstood Creatures

Weiss, Matt, author, photographer.
Call Number: x 597.3 W431

Though we often think of them as scary man-eaters, shark attacks are much rarer than we think. However, with many species now being hunted to extinction, are we more of a danger to them than they are to us?  



MacQuitty, Miranda,
Call Number: x 597.3 M173 2014

This DK book covers everything you ever wanted to know, from the anatomy of a shark to the underwater worlds that they live in. Lots of dynamic graphics, and a ton of facts and history, means this is a great title for recreational reading or school assignments.


Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist

Keating, Jess
Call Number: x 92 C592Ke

The true story of Eugenie Clark, a professor, zoologist and scientist who turned her childhood love into a lifetime of exploration and study, and helped many to see sharks as more than just frightening man-eaters. Written for early grade readers, but readers of all ages can learn from the story of the real-life ‘shark lady,’ and lots of fun shark facts along the way.

Shark Week: Everything You Need to Know

Brockenbrough, Martha,
Call Number: x 597.3 B864

Do you get excited when the Discovery Channel presents Shark Week? Then this is the book for you! Amazing survivor tales, strange and mysterious sharks around the world, and the crazy things that have been meals for sharks, to name a few fun topics.



Simon, Seymour.
Call Number: x 597 S596-1

From legendary author Seymour Simon, a classic general book with large, beautiful pictures and some basic background information.


Sharks : predators of the sea

Claybourne, Anna,
Call Number: x 597.3 C622

Sharks and other predators

Osborne, Mary Pope,
Call Number: x 597.3 O81

This companion to the Magic Treehouse #53: Shadow of the Shark is a great way to research more history, facts and background about not only sharks, but also the food chain. Follow Jack and Annie on another journey to learn how important predators, including those from the cat or dog families, are to maintaining nature’s balance.



Schreiber, Anne.
Call Number: x 597 S3976

This independent reader is a perfect introduction to the different varieties of sharks, their eating habits, and the challenges they face, for early elementary grade students. Features lots of bright photos and easily digestible text.