Ada Lovelace, poet of science : the first computer programmer

Stanley, Diane,
Call Number: x 92 L898St folio

A look at Ada Lovelace, the pioneering computer programmer and the daughter of the poet Lord Byron.


Ada's ideas : the story of Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer

Robinson, Fiona.
Call Number: x 92 L898Ro

A picture book biography of Ada Lovelace, 19th century mathematician, considered to be the first computer programmer.


Awesome algorithms and creative coding

Gifford, Clive,
Call Number: x 004 G458-1

An introduction to how computers work and logical thinking, with explanations of binary code, algorithms, and programming languages, like Scratch and LOGO.


A beginner's guide to coding

Scott, Marc,
Call Number: x 004 S428

Presents an introduction to coding for young computer users that focuses on the programming languages Scratch and Python, with step-by-step, illustrated instructions for a variety of coding projects.


Coding Games in Scratch: A Step-by-step Visual Guide to Building Your Own Computer Games

Woodcock, Jon,
Call Number: x 004 W886-1

Written for children with little to no coding experience, Coding Games with Scratch guides children through building platform games, puzzles, racers, and 3-D action games. The step-by-step guides are simple and easy to follow with Minecraft-style pixel art. Children will learn essential coding skills while having fun and creating games to play with their friends.


Coding projects in Scratch

Woodcock, Jon,
Call Number: x 004 W886-4

You can learn to create mind-bending illusions, crazy animations, and interactive artworks with this collection of Scratch projects!


Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code

Wallmark, Laurie,
Call Number: x 92 H798Wa

A picture book biography of the groundbreaking woman who helped create programming language for computers.


Hidden figures: The Untold True Story of Four African-American Women Who Helped Launch Our Nation Into Space

Shetterly, Margot Lee,
Call Number: x 920 L4825

The story of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christine Darden, female African-American mathematicians who helped NASA calculate flight paths and launch Americans into space. Working in racially segregated offices, from World War II into the Space Age of the 1960s, from calculations by hand to the age of computers, these women proved themselves invaluable to the space program.


How to code : a step-by-step guide to computer coding

Wainewright, Max,
Call Number: x 004 W141-1

Welcome to the world of computer coding! Become a master coder, with these step-by-step instructions and robot helpers too! How to Code teaches you all the basic concepts, including Loops, Variables, and Selection, and then develops your skills further until you can create your own website . . . and more! Learn how to use Logo, build games in Scratch, program projects in Python, experiment with HTML, and make interactive web pages with JavaScript.


Margaret and the Moon: How Margaret Hamilton Saved the First Lunar Landing

Robbins, Dean, 1957-
Call Number: x 92 H219Ro

Introduces the woman mathematician whose childhood love of numbers led to her prestigious education and contributions at NASA while explaining how her handwritten codes proved essential throughout numerous space missions.


Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson

Cornell, Kari A,
Call Number: x 92 P467Co

Markus Persson designed his first computer game when he was just eight years old. Learn how Persson's love of computers and design helped him design the popular video game Minecraft.

My first coding book

Prottsman, Kiki,
Call Number: x 004 P967

Presents computer coding concepts on board pages that feature flaps, pull tabs, sliders, and wheels, asking readers to build a robot, escape from a jungle, and hunt for bugs.


The official ScratchJr book : help your kids learn to code!

Bers, Marina Umaschi,
Call Number: x 004 B535

An introduction to coding for parents and kids. Includes 18 hands-on activities using ScratchJr, a programming language designed for young children (ages 5-7).

The story of coding

Kelly, James F. (James Floyd).
Call Number: x 004 K29

Learn about the history of computers and the development of programming languages.


Women who launched the computer age

Calkhoven, Laurie.
Call Number: x 004 C155

True story of six women who programmed the ENIAC computer as part of a secret WWII mission. They learned to program the computer without any software, instructions, or tools.

Writing computer code

Minnick, Chris,
Call Number: x 004 M665

Learning how to code can be like learning a foreign language. This book serves as an excellent guide to help you start writing in the odd-looking languages that make the web work. Follow simple steps as you work with real code to build your own web robots.