1 2 3 : a child's first counting book

Jay, Alison.
Call Number: xz

A little girl awakens to scenes from fairy tales and counts the familiar characters.

1-2-3 peas

Baker, Keith, 1953-
Call Number: xz

These busy, energetic peas just love to count!

Big fat hen

Baker, Keith, 1953-
Call Number: xz

Big Fat Hen counts to ten with her friends and all their chicks.

Feast for 10

Falwell, Cathryn
Call Number: xz

Members of a large family shop for and cook a meal together.

Fish eyes : a book you can count on

Ehlert, Lois.
Call Number: xz

A counting book depicting the colorful fish from a child's viewpoint as a fish.

Let's count

Hoban, Tana.
Call Number: xz

Labeled photographs illustrate the concept of counting, from one puppy to ten soldiers.

One gorilla : a counting book

Browne, Anthony, 1946-
Call Number: xz folio

Learn to count with a variety of primates--gorillas, gibbons, mandrills, and others.

Ten black dots

Crews, Donald.
Call Number: xz

Lots of things can be done with ten black dots--one dot can make a sun, two a fox's eyes, or eight the wheels of a train.

Ten tiny tickles

Katz, Karen.
Call Number: xz

Family members awaken a baby with tickles, from one little tickle on a lovely sleepy head to ten tiny tickles on chubby, tubby toes.

Ten, nine, eight

Bang, Molly.
Call Number: xz

A little girl counts down from 10 to 1 as she gets ready for bed.