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Eisner Award Winners and Nominees

Updated: February 18, 2021

Adventure Time
North, Ryan
Call Number: x GN

Akissi: More Tales of Mischief
Abouet, Marguerite
Call Number: x GN

Holm, Jennifer L.
Call Number: x GN

(Gr. K-3)  Babymouse has big dreams of making it to the Olympics and she’s diving right in. She still needs a little help though. Will all her hard work help her reach her Olympic dreams?

Comics: Easy as ABC!: The Essential Guide to Comics for Kids
Brunetti, Ivan
Call Number: x 741.5 B895

Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls
Pilkey, Dav
Call Number: x GN

Dragon Puncher Island
Kochalka, James
Call Number: x GN

El Deafo
Bell, Cece
Call Number: x GN

At four years old, Cece’s hearing becomes severely impaired after a case of meningitis. From then on, a bulky hearing aid and misconceptions (speaking louder does not make words any clearer!) add new dimensions to the challenges of making friends. But her trusty Phonic Ear may also provide unforeseen advantages as Cece discovers her ability to hear what no one else can

Telgemeier, Raina
Call Number: 740.9999 T271-3

Grades 4 - 8: Catrina and Maya have just moved to a new town, in hopes that the sea air will help Maya, who has cystic fibrosis, breathe. In this town, the Day of Dead and ghost are a big deal. Maya is fascinated by the possibility of ghosts but Catrina wants them as far away from her sister as possible. This graphic novel touches on illness, mortality, family history, and the bonds that sisters share with honest, heartfelt touches that feel very true to life.

Good Night, Planet: A Toon Book
Call Number: x GN

Telgemeier, Raina
Call Number: x GN

Itty Bitty Hellboy
Baltazar, Art
Call Number: x GN

Johnny Boo and the Ice Cream Computer
Kochalka, James
Call Number: x GN

Kitten Construction Company: A Bridge Too Fur
Green, John
Call Number: x GN

Little Robot
Hatke, Ben
Call Number: x GN

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea
Clanton, Ben
Call Number: x GN

New Kid
Craft, Jerry
Call Number: 740.9999 C885

Middle schooler Jordan Banks had hoped to attend art school, but mom sends him to a private prep school where he is one of a handful of black kids. No one at Riverdale Academy Day School is openly hostile towards him for his race, but he deals with a series of microaggressions, like being called the name of another black student, or everyone looking at him when the teacher is discussing students on financial aid. Craft mixes humor with heart in this hilarious yet thoughtful graphic novel.

Over the Garden Wall
McHale, Pat
Call Number: x GN

Runton, Andy
Call Number: x GN

Borges, Gustavo
Call Number: x GN

Peter & Ernesto: A Tale of Two Sloths
Annable, Graham
Call Number: x GN

K - Grade 3: Ernesto the sloth is compelled to leave his comfortable home (and sloth friend Peter) to see ALL of the sky. With wild abandon, he sets off on a remarkable journey of discovery over bridges, rivers, and oceans. A very reluctant and timid Peter soon sets off after him to bring him back. Charming, tender and satisfying.

The Pigeon has to go to School!
Willems, Mo
Call Number: xz

The Prince and the Dressmaker
Wang, Jen
Call Number: 740.9999 W246

Prince Sebastian likes to wear dresses. He hires a seamstress, Frances, to make them for him in secret, but no one else knows that he likes to go out at night as Lady Crystallia, fashion icon. But how long can they contain their secret before the world finds out and/or Frances leaves to pursue her own dreams?  


Roger Langridge's Snarked!
Langridge, Roger
Call Number: x GN

The Tea Dragon Society
O'Neill, Katie
Call Number: x GN folio

Winner of two Eisner Awards, The Tea Dragon Society is a fascinating look into the world of tea dragons—tiny dragons that grow tea on their backs! When the tea is harvested and savored, drinkers are able to relive the memories of the dragons themselves. A whimsical tale perfect for fantasy fans.


They Called Us Enemy: A Graphic Novel Memoir
Takei, George
Call Number: 812.092 T136-1

George Takei, of Star Trek fame, recounts his childhood memories of his family's imprisonment in Japanese internment camps across the United States. Moving between the past and present, it features stark black and white illustrations, and is a heartbreaking, stunning look at familial love, strength and the events that shaped Takei's life as an actor, artist, and activist. The book effortlessly presents the larger societal implications of those in the camp, as well as the aftermath this country still hasn't fully processed. This book joins the likes of Maus and March.

This is a Taco!
Cangelose, Andrew
Call Number: e-Book

This Was Our Pact
Andrews, Ryan
Call Number: x GN

Grades 4 - 7: A unique graphic novel that is beautifully written and illustrated with pencil drawings. You wonder if you are in a dream, surrounded by lanterns, water, fish and stars, as two boys set out on a quest during the Autumn Equinox to find out where the lanterns sent down the river end up. Along the way they run into a series of magical creatures including a bear that is very particular about his scarf. This is a story about the true meaning of friendship.

Tiger vs. Nightmare
Tetri, Emily
Call Number: x GN

Tiny Titans
Baltazar, Art
Call Number: x GN

Who Wet my Pants?
Shea, Bob
Call Number: xz

Pre-K - Grade 2: Someone has wet Reuben's pants! Which is odd, because he's the only one who's worn them all day. As Reuben tries to find the culprit, he learns about embarrassment, compassion, and the fact that accidents can happen to anyone.

The Wolf in Underpants
Lupano, Wilfrid
Call Number: x GN

The Zoo Box
Cohn, Ariel
Call Number: xz

¡Vamos! Let's Go to the Market
Raul the Third
Call Number: xz

Grades 1 - 3: With his usual attention to detail, Raúl the Third has created a marvelous bilingual world of market vendors in a Southwest desert town. Attentive readers can pore over each densely-drawn page to find visual jokes, silly puns, and plenty of new words to learn in Spanish.