The manga Vinland Saga follows a young boy named Thorfinn and his quest to seek revenge for his father, Thors. The Manga follows the present-time for the first few chapters and then jumps back into Thorfinn’s past, giving the reader his backstory and his reason for seeking revenge. This Manga is filled with interesting characters from neighboring villages who serve as antagonists. This Manga is the first in the volume set, consisting of 25 volumes.

This Manga was pretty fast-paced as some of the dialogue was more so the emotions the characters had through the images. Considering this book takes place around 1013 AD, the title is perfect for it. Vinland was considered the name for safe heaven for Vikings in the book since there was no war or patriarchy. The language used in the book was not so descriptive but rather straight to the point in terms of what was going on.

In the end, this book was something out of my preference, but it was a good read overall. It really captivated my attention since I did not want to put it down. I would highly recommend this book to older teens as some images do show some gore. This book is also great for people who like semi-quick reads; however, it makes you want to read the following volumes.

Review by: Victoria R.

Victoria is a virtual volunteer at Sylmar Branch Library. She is a 12th grader at Sylmar Charter High School.

—Dana Eklund, Sylmar Branch Library