I could not get enough of this book, I had moments where I was stuck reading it for hours. It's about a boy, Patroclus, who is exiled from his home and sent to live with other exiles. There, the boy meets Achilles who's a little hesitant at first but slowly becomes his friend. After spending days together, the boys end up falling for each other but this leads to problems with Achilles' mother. The boys leave for training but are soon called back home to participate in a war against Troy, which Achilles will lead. I have to say this book kept me on my toes! It had a great love story, good conflict, and an exciting ending. There is a part or two of a tad mature content so I do recommend this book for older teens and mature readers in general. : )

Review by: Mariah Rubio

Mariah is a virtual volunteer at Sylmar Branch Library. She is a 12th grader at John F. Kennedy High School.

—Dana Eklund, Young Adult Librarian Sylmar Branch Library