Six of Crows is a fantasy novel about a thief and his crew who are attempting to pull off a heist. Kaz Brekker is the leader and his crew consists of a convict, a sharpshooter, a runaway, a spy, and a heart render. They come across many different obstacles as they try to perform this heist. This book was so interesting to read. It had just the right amount of action and you easily fall in love with the characters. The characters are all so different but you can feel for them. If you are a fan of fantasy or magical beings, I definitely recommend this book.

Review by: Madeline Cubias

Madeline is a virtual volunteer at Sylmar Branch Library. She is a 12th grader at Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School.

—Dana Eklund, Young Adult Librarian, Sylmar Branch