Thousands of years in the future, the life-lengthening ‘spice’ is the most valuable substance in the universe and its only source is the extremely inhospitable desert planet known as Arrakis. The Duke, Leto Atreides, and his family are sent to this planet by the imperial emperor to replace the Harkonnens as the resident vassal house. Once there, the Atreides family enters a fierce battle of political intrigue to keep control of the planet.

Dune, authored by Frank Herbert, is a very big name in the science fiction genre. The book is indeed worthy of high praise. It’s a compelling coming-of-age epic that mixes political drama with intense action sequences in a lovingly crafted world and brings up interesting questions about resources, environmentalism, and the problems with messiah-like figures.

I would recommend this book to veterans of the science fiction genre who have not yet read it. The book drops readers into its setting with very little overt exposition. Instead, the reader is expected to decipher the inner workings of the world through the actions and comments of its characters. This style of introduction can be very overwhelming and even off-putting for those new to the genre. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend this book to newcomers looking to dip their toes in the science fiction genre.

8/10 – It’s very good!

Review by: Athena T

Athena is a rising senior volunteering at the North Hollywood Branch. She likes reading, programming, and playing video games.

—Emily Appleton, Young Adult Librarian, North Hollywood Branch