If you’re really into geography, this is the book for you. When reading this book you will not only learn about the troubles California has gone through due to the drought it has experienced, but you will also learn about different actions that people, communities, and the government can take to decrease the amount of drought we see in California. This book has many interactive visuals that will also help you understand different topics about the California drought. So if you’re a visual learner, this is a great book for you. The book covers all types of topics in regard to the last five years that California had been in a drought. The effects of the drought in communities are seen throughout the book such as poor quality and shortage of water. The book also focuses on how the drought impacts us now, and how it will impact us in the future. This book is really informative as it doesn’t only talk about current events but it talks about past events and how they keep on influencing drought in California now. It’s also interesting to see different methods to stop droughts that can impact our future. Lastly, this book is really enjoyable because it doesn’t only cover one side of the story, it covers various different important factors that influence California and droughts. You learn more about current drought conditions, the state's drought response, and how everyone can save water

Review by: Raquel C

Raquel is a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School and virtually volunteers with the Lincoln Heights Branch. She enjoys reading, being creative, and being involved in the community.

—Kelcey Soderstrom, Young Adult Librarian, Lincoln Heights Branch