Octavia Lab - FAQ

What is the Octavia Lab?

The Octavia Lab is a Do-It-Yourself Makerspace: a place for lab members to use our computers, equipment, and tools to do creative projects.

What can I do in the Octavia Lab?

Graphic design, photo-editing, poster printing, 3D modeling, 3D printing, audio recording, audio & video editing, sewing, embroidering, vinyl-cutting, etc.

How do I become a member?

Come to the lab during our open hours to fill out an application. Be sure to have your ID & library card.

What library cards does the lab accept?

Full access library cards that are not delinquent. We cannot accept courtesy cards, student success cards, e-cards, or youth cards.

How much does it cost?

Lab membership is free. Computer/Equipment/tool usage is free. We only charge for poster prints and 3D prints. Ask lab staff for more details.

Can I print in the lab?

Yes. But we only have a poster printer. So we can only print images that are 18” x 24” or larger. If you need to print something smaller, you’ll need to use the computer center printer.

Can I bring in my own printing paper?

No. We can only use our rolls of printing paper.

Do I have to bring anything?

Always be sure to bring your ID & library card. If you are working on a digital project, bring a hard drive to save your progress and headphones (if you are working on audio). If you are using a piece of equipment that requires material (paper, wood, acrylic, fabric, etc.) be sure to bring that as well. The lab does not supply or sell material for doing projects. If you have any questions about using materials in the lab, call 213-228-7150.

Will lab staff teach me how to do X, Y, or Z?

Lab staff will answer general questions about the equipment and help set up equipment. Lab members are responsible for doing their own projects and using lab time to learn on their own. The lab has classes listed on the calendar.