Flowers for Sarajevo

McCutcheon, John, 1952-
Call Number: xz

Grades 2 and up

A young boy witnesses the violent death of 22 people standing in a bread line in his war-torn city. Afterwards, the man to become known as "the cellist of Sarajevo" plays beautiful music on the bombing site each morning for 22 days. This touching tale of hope kept alive in dire surroundings is based on true events. Back matter provides some history. A CD lets readers hear McCutcheon's own song inspired by the story, plus the adagio played by the cellist. 

Freedom Over Me: Eleven Slaves, Their Lives and Dreams Brought to Life

Bryan, Ashley, .
Call Number: x 811 B915-2

Based on a real 1828 document appraising a home of a slaveholder and giving a monetary value for the 11 enslaved people. It pairs dramatic woodcut portraits of each individual with a poetic reimaging of their lives, struggles and aspirations.  


I like, I don't like

Baccelliere, Anna,
Call Number: xz

Mixed media photo collages to show contrasting views of privileged children playing vs the less privileged who must work instead of play. Soccer balls aren’t fun if you have to labor all day to make them.

The journey

Sanna, Francesca, author, illustrator.
Call Number: xz

Malala: Activist for Girls' Education

Frier, Raphaele, 1970-
Call Number: x 92 Y82Fr

A beautifully illustrated examination of Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, shot in the face by Taliban terrorists.


The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet!

Deedy, Carmen Agra
Call Number: xz

Pre-K - Grade 3

What seems like a simple folk tale about a small village is actually a weightier story of the power of courage, and the importance of standing up to oppression. A noisy rooster refuses to be silenced by the mayor’s increasingly severe punishments, and inspires the town to speak out on his behalf.


She persisted : 13 American women who changed the world

Clinton, Chelsea,
Call Number: x 920 C641

Thumbnail portraits of 13 American women in history who achieved their various goals with tenacity; from the well-known like Harriet Tubman and Helen Keller, to the less familiar Clara Lemlich, and Virginia Apgar.  


Steamboat school : inspired by a true story, St. Louis, Missouri: 1847

Hopkinson, Deborah,
Call Number: xz

The inspiring true story of a secret forbidden school for African Americans held on a floating steamboat on the Mississippi River in the 19th century to legally avoid actually being “in the State of Missouri”.


The three billy goats Gruff

Pinkney, Jerry, author, illustrator.
Call Number: x 398 A799-12Pi

Pre-K - Grade 3

Pinkney's interpretation of the classic tale offers the troll the opportunity to learn his lesson thanks to a monster fish with a taste for trolls.

The Treasure Box

Wild, Margaret, 1948-
Call Number: xz

Peter and his father manage to save only one book from their home as war rages throughout their country but it’s an important record of their previous life. The story celebrates the importance of recorded memories, and the resilience of those fleeing oppression.