Bones, bones, dinosaur bones

Barton, Byron.
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Learn how dinosaur bones get to the museum.

Dinosaur roar!

Stickland, Paul.
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Dinosaurs can be sweet or grumpy, spiky or lumpy.

Dinosaur vs. bedtime

Shea, Bob.
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A young dinosaur takes on many challenges but his biggest one is bedtime!

Dinosaurs roar, butterflies soar!

Barner, Bob.
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Learn how butterflies and dinosaurs interacted in prehistoric times.

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs

Barton, Byron.
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Some dinosaurs were big and some were small - and some were very, very sleepy.

How do Dinosaurs say good night?

Yolen, Jane
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Kids aren't the only ones who have a hard time going to bed; so do little dinosaurs.

Shape by shape

MacDonald, Suse.
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Discover how many shapes make up the biggest land creature ever.

When dinosaurs came with everything

Broach, Elise.
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Would you like to get a free dinosaur every time you go to the doctor or the store?