Ancient Egypt

Adams, Simon, 1955-
Call Number: x 932 A217


This is a finely constructed books with fantastically clear photographs of Egyptologist Dr. Kent Weeks’ research on the glorious ancient Egyptian empire.

Ancient Egypt

Hart, George, 1945-
Call Number: x 932 H325-1 2000


Discover the Nile valley civilizations – from the riches of the pharaoh’s court to the daily life of priests and workers. Includes a full array of color photographs laid out in the usual Dorling Kindersley format.


Stanley, Diane.
Call Number: x 92 C628St


Cleopatra’s name still glitters across history, evoking opulence, ambition, and tragedy.  Raised in the shadow of the mighty Roman Empire, she dared to dream of a world united under Egyptian rule. 

Cleopatra : goddess of Egypt, enemy of Rome

Brooks, Polly Schoyer.
Call Number: x 92 C628Br


Cleopatra, last of the Ptolemy rulers of Egypt and mother to both Julius Caesar’s and Mark  Antony’s children, inspired countless myths and legends as well as the greatest poets and  dramatists throughout the ages.

Cleopatra : queen of Egypt

Twist, Clint.
Call Number: x 92 C628Tw folio
This large and exquisite book with many moveable parts has a publisher’s note: “History has handed down very few reliable glimpses of the real Cleopatra. No diary or memoir has ever been found…To explore how she might have felt about the events of her life, this book includes fictional extracts from a memoir that Cleopatra may have started to write during the uncertain days preceding the battle of Actium.”  

Egyptology : search for the tomb of Osiris : being the journal of Miss Emily Sands, November 1926

Sands, Emily.
Call Number: 932 S221 folio

This lusciously illustrated with many moveable parts.

Exotic Egyptians.

Call Number: x 932 E965


Discusses the culture and way of life of the Ancient Egyptians, covering religion, architecture, agriculture, and fashion, as well as the practice of mummification.

Hatshepsut : the princess who became king

Galford, Ellen.
Call Number: x 92 H365Ga


Hatshepsut inherits her father’s throne along with her young stepson.  She was soon pharaoh in her own right. This is the startling tale of a woman’s rise to power within the patriarchal society of ancient Egypt: Hatshepsut was shrewdly conveyed as a masculine ruler in all public statues and artwork, and donned male dress and a false beard in person. She ruled Egypt for decades, claiming her rightful place in the history of this great civilization.

Hatshepsut, his majesty, herself

Andronik, Catherine M.
Call Number: x 92 H365An

Here is an engaging and informative picture book biography lushly illustrated by award winning artist Joseph Daniel Fiedler, of Egypt’s only successful female pharaoh.

Mummies & pyramids

Taplin, Sam.
Call Number: x 932 T173

Examines the mummies and pyramids of ancient Egypt culture, including their beliefs about life after death, details about the technique of mummification, and the use of pyramids as burial places. 

The mystery of the Sphinx

Kenney, Karen Latchana,
Call Number: x 932 K365

Explores the mysteries that surround the Sphinx, discussing its location, links to the god Horus, and the work being done to maintain and repair it." --

National Geographic investigates ancient Egypt : archaeology unlocks the secrets of Egypt's past

Rubalcaba, Jill.
Call Number: x 932 R894

Highlights the many archaeological digs and findings in Egypt and discusses what life was in ancient Egypt.

Pharaoh's boat

Weitzman, David, 1936-
Call Number: x 932 W436

This stunningly artful book describes the building of Egyptian pharaoh Cheops's funeral boat.


Putnam, James.
Call Number: x 932 P991 2004


The pyramids of Egypt have fascinated people for thousands of years. How did the ancient Egyptians build these massive stone monuments and why? 

The riddle of the Rosetta Stone : key to ancient Egypt

Giblin, James Cross, 1933-2016.
Call Number: x 932 G446 1992


Describes how the discovery and deciphering of the Rosetta Stone unlocked the secret of Egyptian hieroglyphics. 


Call Number: x 932 D378

"Using research that includes the artifacts in King Tutankhamun’s tomb, Demi shares the rich details of the king’s life, from ostrich and lion hunts, to the challenges of ruling his Kingdom.” –

Tutankhamun : the mystery of the boy king

Hawass, Zahi A.
Call Number: x 932 H389-1

Learn about the life of King Tut, his burial and the fabulous discovery of his tomb.


Women in ancient Egypt

Macdonald, Fiona.
Call Number: x 932 M135


Examines the condition of women in ancient Egyptian society, discussing their positions in religion, as workers, and as members of royal families.