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Patents, Trademarks, & Copyrights

  • Patents, Trademarks, & Copyrights
    • Basic gage for determining copyright protection for works first published in the U.S.A.  Also mentions unpublished works referenced by date of creation.  Any result showing an asterisk can be clicked for clarifying information.

    • This European Patent Office (EPO) site provides access to 90 million European documents in their original languages.

    • Read about the Inventor of Week and other interesting stuff from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    • Local nonprofit group that can help you in your patent search

    • Full text and images of granted U.S. patents from 1790 and applications from March 2001 to the present. Patents issued between 1790-1975 can only be retrieved by patent number or classification numbers.
    • Public Domain sources of electronic texts available on the Internet.

    • Information on copyright laws, procedures, etc..

    • Information about patents and trademarks
    • Contains names and addresses of copyright holders or contact persons for authors and artists whose archives are housed in North America and the United Kingdom.
    • A chart explaining the time of publication, conditions and public domain status.