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Updated: May 1, 2013

A subgenre of fantasy and speculative fiction, often set in Victorian times, in which steam power results in future technology happening at an earlier date.

Foglio, Phil.
Call Number: SF

Agatha’s life is in turmoil when she is taken from her home and her adoptive parents. What is the cause of her headaches and is she really a Spark? Will she learn the truth about herself and her famous family? In this novelization of the popular webcomic Girl Genius, Agatha’s locket is stolen and she is caught up by the clanker powers.

Gibson, William, 1948-
Call Number: SF
This story takes place in a world where computers were invented in the 1800s, adding to the social foment of the Industrial Revolution. This strange Victorian world is immersive, well researched, and peopled with luminaries of the day, both real and fictional.

Carriger, Gail.
Call Number: YA

"Finishing" School takes on a new meaning when Sophronia faces flying bandits and other perils on the journey from her home to board a floating school for young ladies. Fortunately, she is a resourceful teen and rises to the occasion, making friends in unlikely places along the way. This is a refreshing YA adventure prequel to the Parasol Protectorate series.

Foglio, Phil.
Call Number: 740.9999 G5256 2006
There's adventure, comedy, mad science, and many sinister machines in this charming graphic series.

Gilman, Felix.
In a steampunk/fantasy/western version of America, two destructive factions have warred against one another for decades - the soulless, industrial bureaucrats of the Line and the Wild West outlaws of the Gun. Somewhere in between stands the independent Red Republic that fought both factions and lost spectacularly. Reminiscent of both Neil Gaiman's American Gods and Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

Call Number: 741.5 L434
Alan Moore writes about a Victorian England where characters like the Invisible Man and Dr. Jekyll coexist and fight crime. There is adventure, violence, intrigue and you can spot numerous fictional Victorian characters going about their lives.

Westerfeld, Scott.

This young adult novel has action, adventure, a heroine in disguise, a prince on the run, giant monsters, intrigue, strange machines, and just enough World War I history to get you in trouble in history class.

Baker, Kage.
Call Number: SF
This is the third in a series of novels about an immortal cyborg girl and the mortal man she loves. It might not be steampunk in the strictest sense, but it includes a historical setting (California during the Civil War), anachronistic technology, humor, strange ways of getting around, and adventure.

Carriger, Gail.

In the first book of the Parasol Protectorate series, Carriger creates an alternate reality in Victorian England filled with gruff Werewolves, flamboyant Vampires and secret societies.

Alexia Tarrabotti, soulless spinster extraordinaire, finds herself in a jam when she is forced to kill an extremely rude vampire at afternoon tea. This unfortunate circumstance forces her into the acquaintance of chief investigator Lord Maccon, a gorgeous but insufferable werewolf. As inexplicable circumstances pile up, Alexia and Lord Maccon must work together to bring Victorian London society back into order in this witty steampunk romance.

Robb, Brian J.
Call Number: 809.3 R6295

This gorgeous large format coffee table book features full-color illustrations and chapters covering the history of the genre in print, film, art, and fan-dom. This is an excellent discussion of what defines steampunk.

Tedman, Nicola.
Call Number: 746.74 T257

Step-by-step instructions on how to make items, including what types of materials and glues to use. You can use their templates or adapt to your own designs.

VanderMeer, Jeff.
Call Number: 809.3 V237
This primer introduces the steampunk genre and gives an overview of some literature and artists that are popular in this DIY movement.

Hewitt, Jema.
Call Number: 739.14 H611

Create jewelry from metal and polymer clay. Previous craft experience needed for the more complex works.

Taylor, Calista.
Call Number: 746.74 T239

Learn how to sew a ruffle and modify garments in the nouveau Victorian style to spruce up your Steam-y wardrobe. Some projects require sewing machine skills.

Campbell, Jean, 1964-
Call Number: 739.14 C188
Contains a great glossary of materials. Prior experience with wire work and other metals is helpful for these projects.